BeWILDerwood, Hoveton

BeWILDerwood, Hoveton

Tucked away in the idyllic village of Hoveton in Norfolk, BeWILDerwood stands as a testament to the boundless wonders of childhood imagination and the enchantment of the great outdoors.

This sprawling outdoor adventure park, brought to life by Tom Blofeld’s beloved children’s books, offers visitors of all ages an opportunity to step into a world of whimsy, creativity, and exploration.

Beyond its fantastical fa├žade, BeWILDerwood is an educational and nature-centric destination that captivates the minds of families and nature enthusiasts alike.

A Fantastical World of Imagination

BeWILDerwood is no ordinary amusement park; it is a realm where imagination knows no bounds. As you venture through its enchanting landscapes, you’ll find towering treehouses, wobbly bridges, twisting tunnels, and treetop walkways that invite endless play and adventure.

These ingeniously designed structures pay homage to the fictional world created by Tom Blofeld, making visitors feel like characters in one of his enchanting stories.

Nature’s Embrace: Boating Adventures

One of the park’s standout features is its deep-rooted connection to the natural world. BeWILDerwood is nestled within the stunning Norfolk Broads, a network of rivers, lakes, and wetlands.

Here, visitors can embark on their own self-piloted boat adventures along the meandering waterways. It’s a chance to navigate through lush greenery, encounter local wildlife, and truly immerse oneself in the beauty of nature.

Education Through Play

BeWILDerwood seamlessly integrates education and play. While children are having a blast exploring the park’s unique features, they are also learning about the environment and the importance of connecting with nature.

The park hosts engaging storytelling sessions that bring the tales of Tom Blofeld to life, sparking young imaginations and encouraging a love for literature.

Crafting Workshops

Another educational facet of BeWILDerwood is its crafting workshops. These hands-on experiences allow children and adults to create their own nature-inspired masterpieces, from leafy crowns to bird feeders. It’s an opportunity to foster creativity while instilling a sense of responsibility towards the environment.

Picnics and Play

Amidst the magic and wonder, BeWILDerwood offers plenty of picnic spots, allowing families to enjoy a leisurely lunch surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

The park encourages visitors to embrace the simple joys of outdoor play, making it an ideal destination for families seeking quality time together.

This enchanting wonderland, inspired by the imaginative world of Tom Blofeld’s books, seamlessly blends fun and education, making it a unique and treasured destination for anyone seeking a day of adventure and enchantment in the heart of the Norfolk Broads.

So, if you’re looking for a place where creativity knows no bounds and nature’s wonders are celebrated, BeWILDerwood awaits your visit.

Address – Horning Road, Hoveton, Norwich, NR12 8JW
Telephone – 01692 633 033


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