Bird of Prey Centre, Bedfordshire


The Bird of Prey Centre is a fascinating haven for birds of prey, offering a unique combination of conservation, education, and interaction. This centre, nestled in over 6 acres of countryside, is an important conservation and rehabilitation facilit for our avian friends.

A Diverse Collection of Birds

The Bird of Prey Centre is home to an impressive collection of over 300 birds, encompassing a wide range of species including eagles, falcons, owls and vultures.

Flying Displays and Hands-on Experiences

One of the highlights of visiting the Bird of Prey Centre is the flying displays. These demonstrations showcase the natural behaviors and skills of the birds, from soaring high in the sky to swooping down at incredible speeds.

The centre also offers hands-on experiences, allowing visitors to hold and fly some of the birds under the guidance of experienced falconers. These interactions are not only thrilling but also educational, offering insights into the lives of these raptors.

Conservation and Rehabilitation Efforts

The Bird of Prey Centre is deeply committed to the conservation of birds of prey. Part of its mission involves rescuing and rehabilitating injured birds, with the aim of releasing them back into the wild. The centre’s work in this area highlights the challenges these species face in the wild.

Educational Programs and Community Involvement

The centre is a hub for education and learning, offering programs for visitors of all ages. Schools often visit for educational trips, where students learn about the importance of conservation and the role of raptors in the ecosystem.

The centre also engages with the local community through various events and workshops, raising awareness about wildlife conservation.

Research and Breeding Initiatives

Beyond its public-facing activities, the Bird of Prey Centre participates in research and breeding programs for rare and endangered species. These initiatives contribute to global efforts in preserving the biodiversity and genetic health of raptor species.

A Day Out for Families and Enthusiasts

For families and bird enthusiasts, the Bird of Prey Centre offers an enjoyable and informative day out. The tranquil setting, combined with the opportunity to see these birds up close, makes for a memorable experience. Picnic areas and a children’s play area further enhance the family-friendly nature of the centre.

Volunteer Opportunities and Support

The centre is supported by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers, passionate about bird conservation and education. Volunteer opportunities allow individuals to contribute to the care of the birds and the running of the centre, fostering a community of conservation advocates.

For anyone visiting Bedfordshire, a trip to the Bird of Prey Centre is an opportunity to connect with nature and learn about the crucial role these magnificent birds play in our world.

Address – Herrings Green Farm, Cotton End Road, Wilstead, MK45 3DT

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