Hunstanton Beach, Norfolk

Hunstanton Beach, West Norfolk

Hunstanton Beach, affectionately known as “Sunny Hunny” by locals and visitors alike, stands out as a quintessential British seaside destination on the West Norfolk coast.

Unlike most of the UK’s coastlines that face east, Hunstanton is unique for its westward aspect, allowing visitors to enjoy stunning sunsets over the sea, a rarity on the eastern coast of England.

Geographical Marvel and Natural Beauty

One of the beach’s most striking features is its distinctive striped cliffs, which showcase a fascinating geological history. These cliffs are layered with red chalk over white limestone, creating a striking natural spectacle that draws geologists, photographers, and curious visitors.

The rocky areas of the beach reveal pools teeming with marine life, making rock pooling a popular activity, especially for families.

The expansive sandy beach, backed by these dramatic cliffs, offers ample space for relaxation, play, and exploration, with the gentle slope into the sea providing safe swimming conditions.

A Blend of Victorian Charm and Natural Wonder

Hunstanton retains much of its Victorian charm, having been developed as a seaside resort by Henry Styleman Le Strange in the 19th century. The town’s architecture and the traditional promenade reflect this heritage, offering a nostalgic backdrop to a day at the beach.

The promenade is lined with gardens, amusements, and a funfair, ensuring that visitors of all ages have entertainment options within reach.

Activities and Attractions

Beyond the allure of the beach and cliffs, Hunstanton offers a variety of attractions. The Sea Life Sanctuary is a short walk away, providing an up-close look at marine creatures and engaging in conservation efforts.

For those looking to delve into the area’s natural beauty, boat trips to see the seals at nearby sandbanks offer an unforgettable experience, highlighting the rich biodiversity of The Wash, the broad estuary that Hunstanton overlooks.

Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round at the Hunstanton Golf Club, known for its challenging links course, while the town’s Princess Theatre provides cultural entertainment with a variety of shows and performances.

The beach itself is a hub for water sports, including kite surfing and windsurfing, taking advantage of the brisk breezes off The Wash.

A Destination for All Seasons

While Hunstanton Beach is a popular summer destination, its appeal extends throughout the year. The off-season offers a quieter, more reflective experience of the coast, with the winter months presenting dramatic skies and the chance to witness the area’s diverse birdlife.

The annual Christmas Day swim is a testament to the community spirit and the draw of the beach, even in the colder months.


The community of Hunstanton is deeply connected to its beach and natural surroundings, participating in conservation efforts to preserve the beauty and health of the coastal environment.

Whether seeking the tranquility of a seaside sunset, the excitement of water sports, or the simple pleasure of a family day out, Hunstanton provides a picturesque and welcoming setting for all who visit.


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