Jordans Mill, Bedfordshire

Jordans Mill

Jordans Mill is a unique historical and cultural destination. Known for its rich heritage in flour milling, this site has been associated with the Jordan family for over 150 years, and today, it offers visitors an immersive experience into the world of traditional milling, agriculture, and gardens.

Historical Flour Mill

The centrepiece of Jordans Mill is the beautifully restored Victorian flour mill. Visitors have the opportunity to delve into the history of milling with an interactive museum that brings the mill’s past to life.

The museum features hands-on exhibits and displays, showcasing the milling process and the evolution of flour production. The original milling machinery, some of which is still operational, offers a glimpse into the ingenuity of past generations.

Idyllic Gardens and Meadows

Surrounding the mill are the carefully maintained gardens and meadows, set on the scenic River Ivel. These outdoor spaces are a testament to the mill’s commitment to nature and sustainability.

The gardens feature an array of plants and flowers, while the meadows provide a habitat for local wildlife. Visitors can enjoy tranquil walks, taking in the beauty and serenity of the Bedfordshire countryside.

Café and Dining with a View

The on-site café and restaurant at Jordans Mill offer a delightful dining experience, with a focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Many of the dishes feature produce grown in the mill’s gardens, ensuring a true farm-to-table experience. The café, with its views of the river and gardens, is a perfect spot for a relaxing meal or a refreshing drink.

Family-Friendly Destination

With its combination of historical, natural, and culinary attractions, Jordans Mill is an ideal destination for families. Children can learn about the history of milling, explore the gardens, and enjoy the open spaces. The site is designed to be accessible and engaging for all ages.

Preserving Local Heritage

Jordans Mill plays a crucial role in preserving the local heritage and traditions of Bedfordshire. The restoration of the mill and the dedication to maintaining the gardens and natural areas demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding the region’s history for future generations.

If you’re interested in the heritage of flour milling, looking to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, or seeking a delightful dining experience, Jordans Mill provides an enriching and enjoyable Bedfordshire day out for visitors of all ages and interests.

Address – Southill Rd, Broom, Biggleswade, SG18 9JX
Telephone – 01767 603940

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