Kettle’s Yard, Cambridgeshire

Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

Kettle’s Yard is not your typical art gallery. Created by Jim Ede, a former curator at the Tate Gallery in London, in 1957, it was his home until 1973. Ede had a unique vision: to create a living space where art could be enjoyed in a domestic setting.

This vision transformed his Cambridge house into a remarkable blend of art gallery and home, which he eventually gifted to the University of Cambridge.

Inside Kettle’s Yard

The charm of Kettle’s Yard lies in its unorthodox presentation. Artworks by notable 20th-century artists, including Joan Miró, Henry Moore, and Barbara Hepworth, are displayed alongside furniture, glass, ceramics, and natural objects.

This arrangement breaks down the barriers between art and living spaces, creating an environment where visitors can experience art in a relaxed, intimate setting.

The Art Collection

Kettle’s Yard boasts an impressive collection of classic and contemporary art. The artworks are not confined to traditional displays; instead, they are integrated into the setting of the house.

This integration allows visitors to engage with the art in a more personal and profound way, as if they are guests in a home filled with beautiful and thought-provoking objects.

The Gallery Extension

Adjacent to the house is a gallery space, added to host temporary exhibitions. These exhibitions often focus on contemporary artists, providing a platform for new and challenging works.

The gallery, with its changing exhibitions, ensures that Kettle’s Yard remains a dynamic part of the contemporary art scene.

A Space for Reflection

One of the unique aspects of Kettle’s Yard is its atmosphere of tranquility. The house, with its carefully curated blend of art and objects, provides a space for contemplation and reflection.

Visitors are encouraged to sit, relax, and absorb the surroundings, making their experience at Kettle’s Yard markedly different from a typical gallery visit.

The Legacy of Jim Ede

Jim Ede’s legacy at Kettle’s Yard is one of generosity and vision. His gift to the University of Cambridge has ensured that his unique approach to art and living continues to inspire and engage visitors.

Ede’s philosophy was that art should be an integral part of everyday life, and this principle remains at the core of Kettle’s Yard.

For those seeking a different kind of art experience, one that is both intimate and enlightening, Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge comes highly-recommended.

Address – Castle Street, Cambridge, CB3 0AQ
Telephone – 01223 748100


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