The Muckleburgh Military Collection, Norfolk


The Muckleburgh Military Collection is a premier destination for military history enthusiasts and families alike.

Occupying the grounds of a former World War II anti-aircraft training camp near Weybourne, this remarkable museum boasts the distinction of being the largest private military collection in the United Kingdom.

With its extensive array of vehicles, weaponry, and artefacts, the museum offers an unparalleled exploration of military history from the early 20th century to the present day.

The Collection’s Core Exhibits

At the heart of The Muckleburgh Military Collection lies its impressive assortment of over 150 military vehicles. This includes a wide range of tanks, armoured cars, and artillery pieces, many of which have been meticulously restored to full working condition.

Highlights of the collection feature vehicles from both World Wars, the Korean War, and the Cold War period, offering visitors a comprehensive overview of military technology and evolution over the decades.

Interactive and Educational Experiences

The Muckleburgh Collection goes beyond static displays, providing a host of interactive experiences that bring history to life. Among the most popular attractions are the tank driving demonstrations and the opportunity for visitors to ride in an armoured vehicle.

These hands-on experiences not only entertain but also offer a rare insight into the operational complexities and challenges of military machinery.

Memorabilia and Personal Stories

Beyond the vehicles, The Muckleburgh Military Collection houses an extensive range of uniforms, medals, and personal items belonging to soldiers from various conflicts.

These personal articles offer a poignant glimpse into the lives of those who served, highlighting their bravery, sacrifices, and the human aspects of military history.

Thematic displays and exhibitions delve into specific aspects of military life, campaigns, and the social impact of war, providing a deeper understanding of the historical context and personal experiences of service members.

Education and Remembrance

The museum is committed to education and remembrance, with dedicated areas focusing on specific conflicts and the role of the British armed forces throughout history.

Educational programs are available for school groups, offering guided tours and workshops designed to complement curriculum studies in history and social studies.

The Muckleburgh Military Collection offers a unique and comprehensive journey through military history, set against the backdrop of Norfolk’s natural beauty. Its extensive exhibits, combined with interactive and educational opportunities, make it an engaging destination for visitors of all ages.

Address – Weybourne Camp A149, The Street Weybourne, Holt NR25 7EH
Telephone – 01263 588284

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