Norfolk Lavender


Norfolk Lavender, located in Heacham, stands as a testament to the enduring charm and agricultural heritage of Norfolk.

Founded in 1932, this iconic lavender farm has grown to become one of the UK’s foremost lavender gardens, a distillery, and a visitor attraction, drawing people from across the globe to experience the beauty and aroma of lavender fields in full bloom.

The Essence of Lavender

Spanning across acres, Norfolk Lavender is a sensory delight. The fields, awash with the vibrant hues of purple during the blooming season, present a breathtaking sight. Visitors can wander through the rows of lavender, experiencing the calming fragrance that permeates the air.

The farm cultivates several varieties of lavender, each with its unique scent and color, providing an educational insight into the cultivation and uses of this versatile plant.

Distillation and Products

At the heart of Norfolk Lavender is its distillation process, where the essence of lavender is extracted and transformed into a myriad of products.

The on-site distillery allows visitors to observe the traditional methods of oil extraction, a process that captures the pure essence of lavender.

The farm produces a wide range of lavender-based products, from essential oils to cosmetics and culinary items, showcasing the plant’s versatility. These products are available at the on-site shop, allowing guests to take a piece of Norfolk Lavender home with them.

Gardens and Displays

Beyond the fields, Norfolk Lavender boasts meticulously designed gardens and display areas. These gardens serve not only as a showcase for different varieties of lavender but also feature a collection of herb and sensory gardens.

he designs provide inspiration for gardeners and an oasis of tranquility for all visitors. The inclusion of a National Collection of Lavenders underlines the farm’s commitment to horticultural excellence and conservation.

Educational and Family Activities

Norfolk Lavender offers an array of educational opportunities, aiming to enlighten visitors about the history, cultivation, and uses of lavender.

Guided tours provide in-depth knowledge, while interactive exhibits engage visitors of all ages, making the farm an educational destination for schools and families.

For younger guests, Norfolk Lavender includes play areas and animal farms, ensuring a fun-filled visit for the entire family.

Norfolk Lavender offers a holistic experience that captivates the senses, educates the mind, and soothes the soul. Its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cultivation, alongside its dedication to conservation, makes it a beacon of agricultural and environmental stewardship.

Address – Norfolk Lavender, Caley Mill, Lynn Road, Heacham, PE31 7JE
Telephone – 01485 570 384

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