Priory Country Park, Bedfordshire


Near the bustling town of Bedford lies Priory Country Park, a vast expanse of natural beauty and tranquility. Encompassing approximately 360 acres, this park offers a perfect blend of picturesque landscapes and recreational activities, making it a cherished destination for locals and visitors alike.

A Diverse Landscape

At the heart of Priory Country Park is a large lake, which not only enhances the park’s beauty but also serves as a hub for wildlife. The park’s diverse habitats, including wetlands, woodlands, and meadows, attract a variety of bird species, making it a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

Recreational Opportunities

The park is a popular spot for a range of outdoor activities. Walking and cycling paths meander through the scenic terrain, offering peaceful routes for exercise and relaxation. The lake and river provide opportunities for fishing, while designated areas are available for more adventurous water sports.

Family-Friendly Attractions

Priory Country Park is designed to be inclusive for visitors of all ages. Children can enjoy the dedicated play areas, while families and groups can take advantage of the ample picnic spots scattered throughout the park. These facilities make it an ideal location for family outings and community gatherings.

Educational and Environmental Focus

The visitor centre at Priory Country Park is not just a point of information but also a hub for educational resources. It offers insights into the park’s wildlife and ecosystems, promoting environmental awareness and conservation.

Hosting Events and Activities

Throughout the year, Priory Country Park becomes a stage for various events, including nature walks, wildlife talks, and environmental workshops. These events cater to a wide audience, from school groups to adult learners, enhancing the park’s role as an educational resource.


Accessibility is a key feature of Priory Country Park. The well-maintained paths and facilities ensure that the park is welcoming to visitors with varying levels of mobility. The park’s management is dedicated to maintaining a balance between recreational use and preserving the natural environment.

From its rich biodiversity and recreational facilities this park stands as a testament to the beauty of Bedfordshire’s natural landscape and the value of green spaces in urban settings.

Address -Barkers Lane, Bedford, MK41 9DJ
Telephone – 01234 718012

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