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The Raptor Foundation, situated in Woodhurst, Cambridgeshire, is a specialized sanctuary dedicated to the care, rehabilitation, and conservation of birds of prey.

This centre plays a crucial role in the rescue and treatment of injured and orphaned raptors, striving to return these magnificent birds to their natural habitat whenever possible.

Mission and Conservation Efforts

The foundation’s mission extends beyond rehabilitation to encompass education and conservation. It actively participates in breeding programs for endangered species, contributing to global efforts to preserve these magnificent creatures.

By educating the public about raptors and their importance in the ecosystem, the foundation fosters greater understanding and appreciation for these birds.

The Birds

Visitors to the Raptor Foundation have the unique opportunity to see a wide range of raptors up close. The foundation is home to various species, including eagles, owls, falcons and  hawks.

Each bird has its own story, and many have been rescued from adverse conditions, providing a second chance at life through the foundation’s care.

Educational Displays and Flying Demonstrations

One of the highlights of visiting the Raptor Foundation is the educational displays and the spectacular flying demonstrations.

These demonstrations showcase the natural behaviours and flying skills of the birds, offering an unparalleled opportunity to witness these raptors in action.

The informative sessions conducted by knowledgeable handlers provide insights into the lives, habits, and conservation of these birds.

Facilities and Amenities

The Raptor Foundation is designed to enhance the visitor experience with various amenities.

The on-site café offers refreshments and meals, providing a relaxing space to unwind after touring the aviaries. Additionally, the gift shop sells a range of souvenirs, books, and bird-related items, perfect for memorabilia or gifts.

Participation in Conservation

The foundation not only cares for birds but also participates in wider conservation initiatives. It works in collaboration with other organizations and experts in the field of ornithology to contribute to research and conservation projects.

This collaborative approach underscores the foundation’s commitment to the wellbeing and preservation of birds of prey globally.

Visiting the Foundation

Open throughout the year, the Raptor Foundation provides a unique and educational day out. Visitors are encouraged to interact, ask questions, and learn as much as possible about these fascinating birds.

The foundation’s tranquil setting, combined with the thrill of seeing raptors up close, makes for an unforgettable experience.

The Raptor Foundation in Woodhurst is a hub of education, conservation, and inspiration.

It offers visitors a chance to connect with nature, understand the importance of raptors in our ecosystem, and appreciate the beauty and diversity of these magnificent birds.

Address -The Heath, St Ives Rd, Woodhurst, Huntingdon, PE28 3BT
Telephone – 01487 741140

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