Roman Circus Remains, Essex

Roman Circus Remains, Colchester

The Roman Circus Remains in Colchester, Essex, are a remarkable testament to the town’s rich historical tapestry.

Discovered in 2005, this site holds the distinction of being the only known Roman chariot racing track in Britain, dating back to the early 2nd century AD. Its uncovering has provided invaluable insights into the leisure and entertainment practices of Roman Britain.

Historical Significance

The Roman circus was a grand structure designed for chariot racing, a popular sport in the Roman Empire. Colchester’s circus could accommodate up to 8,000 spectators, illustrating the scale and social importance of these events.

The discovery of the circus highlights Colchester’s status as a significant Roman settlement, known as Camulodunum, and its cultural alignment with the wider Roman world.

Exploring the Site

Today, visitors can explore the remains of the circus, which include parts of the starting gates and the track’s outline. Although much of the original structure has been lost over time, the site is well-interpreted through informative panels and reconstructions.

These provide a vivid impression of the circus’s original grandeur and the exhilarating atmosphere during chariot races.

The Visitor Centre

The on-site visitor centre houses a range of exhibits and artefacts found during excavations, offering a deeper understanding of the site’s history and the daily life of Roman Colchester.

Interactive displays and educational resources make the history accessible and engaging for all ages.

Preservation and Archaeological Insights

The preservation of the Roman Circus Remains is an ongoing effort, involving archaeologists, historians, and the local community.

The site continues to offer valuable insights into Roman architecture, urban planning, and social customs. Ongoing archaeological work occasionally unveils new findings, adding layers to the already rich narrative of the site.

Visitors to the Roman Circus Remains are treated to a unique historical experience. The site is open to the public, with specific times for the visitor centre and guided tours.

The Roman Circus Remains in Colchester are a must-visit Essex tourist attraction for anyone interested in Roman history and archaeology. The site offers a rare glimpse into an aspect of Roman life that was both thrilling and culturally significant.

As a place of historical discovery and learning, the Roman Circus Remains continue to captivate and educate, preserving an important piece of Britain’s ancient past.

Address – Roman Circus Walk, Colchester, CO2 7GZ
Telephone – 01206 501 785


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