Snettisham Park, Norfolk

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Snettisham Park is a vibrant 329-acre working farm that provides a unique window into the world of agriculture and farm life.

This family-run farm has become a cherished destination for visitors seeking an immersive experience in rural living, combining educational opportunities with hands-on activities that appeal to all ages.

The park’s dedication to showcasing the cycles of farming and its connection to the natural environment makes it a standout attraction in the region.

Engaging Farm Experiences

At the core of Snettisham Park’s appeal is the range of interactive experiences it offers.

Visitors have the chance to dive into the daily operations of a working farm, participating in activities that range from bottle-feeding lambs and collecting fresh eggs to learning about the care and management of various farm animals.

These hands-on experiences are not only enjoyable but also provide valuable insights into the realities of farming, highlighting the care and dedication required to manage such an operation.

Deer Safari Adventure

One of the farm’s signature attractions is the Deer Safari, an adventurous ride through the park’s fields where red deer, along with other wildlife, roam freely.

This guided tour aboard a tractor and trailer allows guests to observe these magnificent creatures up close in their natural habitat, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of one of the UK’s largest native deer species.

The safari is an educational journey, with guides sharing fascinating facts about the deer’s behavior, biology, and the conservation efforts in place to protect their future.

Educational Trails and Farming Insights

Snettisham Park is dedicated to educating visitors about sustainable farming practices and the importance of conservation in agriculture.

The Farming Trail is an educational path that guides visitors through different areas of the farm, explaining crop rotation, livestock rearing, and the ecological practices employed to maintain a balance with nature.

This trail, along with other informative displays around the farm, underscores the importance of sustainable agriculture for the environment and future generations.

Family Fun and Learning

For families, Snettisham Park offers a wealth of activities that ensure a fun-filled day out. Children can enjoy pony rides, explore the adventure playground, or engage with smaller farm animals in the petting area.

These experiences are designed to foster a connection between young visitors and the natural world, encouraging a sense of wonder and respect for animal life.

A Commitment to Conservation

Beyond its role as a working farm and visitor attraction, Snettisham Park is deeply committed to conservation and the preservation of the countryside.

The farm actively participates in wildlife conservation programs and works to enhance the biodiversity of its land, ensuring that it remains a haven for both farm animals and native wildlife.

Through its engaging activities and commitment to sustainability, Snettisham Park not only provides a delightful day out for visitors but also plays an important role in promoting awareness and appreciation of the farming life and the natural world.

Address – Bircham Road, King’s Lynn, PE31 7NG
Telephone – 01485 542 425

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