The Thursford Collection, Norfolk

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The Thursford Collection is a unique Norfolk attraction, founded by George Cushing in the 1970s.

It’s since grown from a passionate hobby into one of the UK’s most beloved destinations, drawing visitors from near and far with its blend of historical preservation and dazzling entertainment.

A Journey Through Time

At the heart of The Thursford Collection is its world-renowned assortment of steam engines and mechanical organs, which represent one of the largest collections of its kind globally.

The meticulously restored pieces, including mighty showman’s engines, steam tractors, and carousel rides, offer a glimpse into the industrial prowess and entertainment of yesteryears.

The collection’s centerpiece, the mighty Wurlitzer organ, stands as a symbol of musical heritage, with its pipes and percussions filling the air with melodious tunes that transport visitors to a bygone era.

The Magic of Christmas

The Thursford Christmas Spectacular has cemented its place as a must-see holiday tradition in the UK. Every year, from early November to late December, Thursford transforms into a winter wonderland that captivates the senses and ignites the festive spirit.

This lavish production features an array of professional singers, dancers, and musicians who perform in a spectacular show that combines traditional carols, modern hits, and vibrant dance routines.

The scale and quality of the performances, set against the backdrop of thousands of twinkling lights and elaborate decorations, make it an unparalleled Christmas celebration.

Santa’s Magical Journey

For the younger audience, Santa’s Magical Journey is an enchanting experience where the magic of Christmas comes to life.

This immersive journey takes children and their families through a magical landscape filled with animated characters, from elves to penguins, leading up to a special meeting with Santa Claus himself.

The attention to detail and the sheer joy it brings to children highlight Thursford’s commitment to creating magical experiences for all ages.

Beyond the Spectacle

In addition to the engines and the Christmas show, Thursford offers visitors a variety of attractions throughout the year. The olde worlde village setting includes a charming carousel café, where visitors can enjoy traditional fare amidst the nostalgic ambiance.

The gift shop provides a selection of unique finds, from vintage-inspired toys to bespoke Christmas decorations, allowing guests to take a piece of Thursford magic home with them.

A Legacy of Passion and Preservation

The success and enduring appeal of The Thursford Collection are rooted in George Cushing’s vision to preserve the industrial and musical heritage of the steam era.

This vision has been expanded upon by successive generations, who have enriched Thursford with a blend of history, entertainment, and holiday cheer. Its ability to evoke nostalgia while creating new memories makes it a timeless destination, cherished by those who visit and yearn to return.

Address – Laurel Farm, The Street, Fakenham NR21 0AS
Telephone – 01328 878477

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