Woburn Safari Park, Bedfordshire

Woburn Safari Park, Woburn

Woburn Safari Park, set in the picturesque grounds of the Woburn Estate in Bedfordshire, offers a unique and thrilling wildlife experience. This extensive drive-through safari park allows visitors to witness a wide array of exotic animals in a setting that closely mimics their natural habitats.

Drive-Through Safari

The main attraction of Woburn Safari Park is the drive-through experience, where visitors can explore the park in their vehicles.

This journey takes them through different zones, each replicating various natural environments, from the grasslands of Africa to the jungles of Asia.

Here, they can see majestic animals like lions, tigers, bears, and wolves roaming freely. The opportunity to observe these animals from a close yet safe distance offers a unique perspective on their behaviors and interactions.

The Foot Safari

Beyond the drive-through safari, the park features a Foot Safari area. This pedestrian section allows visitors to walk among smaller animals and domestic species.

It includes interactive exhibits, animal encounters, and educational talks. Attractions like the Australian Walkabout, Land of Lemurs, and Penguin World provide engaging experiences for visitors of all ages.

Conservation and Animal Welfare

Woburn Safari Park is dedicated to conservation and the welfare of its animals. It actively participates in international breeding programs and works closely with various wildlife organizations to promote the preservation of endangered species.

Family-Friendly Activities and Play Areas

The park caters to families, with a range of amenities and activities tailored for children. Play areas, including indoor and outdoor playgrounds, offer additional fun for younger visitors. The park also hosts special events throughout the year, adding to the family-friendly appeal.

Dining and Facilities

Visitors to Woburn Safari Park have access to various dining options, from quick snacks to more substantial meals. Picnic areas are also available for those who prefer to bring their own food. The park’s facilities ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit for everyone.

Educational Programs

The park’s educational programs are a key component of its mission. These programs aim to raise awareness about wildlife conservation and environmental issues. School groups and educational organisations often visit the park to learn about the animals and their ecosystems.


Woburn Safari Park is committed to accessibility, ensuring that all visitors, regardless of ability, can enjoy the park. Special provisions are in place to accommodate those with mobility challenges.

A Must-Visit Destination for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Woburn Safari Park brings visitors face-to-face with the wonders of the animal kingdom. Combining education, conservation, and recreation, it stands as a must-visit destination for families, wildlife enthusiasts, and anyone looking to experience the thrill of the wild in the heart of Bedfordshire.

Address – Crawley Road, Woburn, Ridgmont, Bedford, MK43 0TU
Telephone – 01525 290 407

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