Aqua Park Rutland

Inflatable Water Park

Situated on the beautiful expanse of Rutland Water, Aqua Park Rutland offers a unique blend of excitement and watery fun.

As one of the largest inflatable outdoor water parks in the UK, it provides an energetic and entertaining setting for thrill-seekers of all ages.

A Burst of Adrenaline on Water

Aqua Park Rutland is not your typical day at the lake. It takes the concept of a summer splash to adrenaline-pumping heights with its vast array of inflatable obstacles.

Visitors can expect to find over 36 different challenges spread across the water, including towering slides, giant climbing walls, and expansive trampolines.

This array of obstacles is designed to test agility, strength, and courage while providing a heap of laughter and unforgettable memories.

Safety as a Priority

The park prioritizes the safety of its visitors above all. Each guest is equipped with a life jacket, and sessions are closely monitored by a team of professional lifeguards.

Their presence ensures that the fun remains risk-free, with safety briefings provided before each session to educate participants on the best practices while navigating the course.

Family-Friendly Fun with a View

Aqua Park Rutland’s vibrant and dynamic setup is perfect for family outings. With dedicated slots for younger children, teens, and adults, the park ensures an enjoyable time for all demographics.

Parents can relish watching their kids conquer the course or join in the fun themselves, making for a perfect family bonding experience.

The surrounding scenery of Rutland Water provides a stunning backdrop, combining natural beauty with high-octane entertainment.

The Thrill of Competition and Teamwork

For those who love a competitive edge, the park offers the perfect setting for races and friendly contests.

It’s also an ideal location for team-building events, where groups can work together to tackle the course, encouraging communication and collaborative problem-solving in a light-hearted atmosphere.

Beyond the inflatable fun, Aqua Park Rutland is surrounded by the amenities of Rutland Water Park, including a beach area, picnic spots, and walking trails.

Visitors can make a day of it, enjoying barbecues, exploring the nature reserves, or simply relaxing on the shore after an energetic session on the water.

Refresh and Refuel

After working up an appetite on the water, guests can head to the nearby cafés and eateries that offer a variety of dining options, from quick snacks to full meals, ideal for replenishing energy levels after the day’s exertions.

Special Events and Night Sessions

The park also hosts special events throughout the season, including night sessions where the course is lit up for an evening of fun, adding an extra element of excitement to the already vibrant experience.

Aqua Park Rutland offers a fun and engaging experience that combines physical activity with the joy of water play. It encapsulates the spirit of summer through its exhilarating features and the laughter of its visitors.

For anyone visiting Rutland looking for an action-packed day out, the Aqua Park promises an unforgettable adventure set against the tranquil backdrop of one of England’s most picturesque counties.

Address – Bull Brig Lane, Whitwell, Oakham, LE15 8BL
Telephone – 01780 693 201

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