Barnsdale Gardens, Rutland

Barnsdale Gardens, Exton

Barnsdale Gardens, set in the picturesque Rutland countryside near the village of Exton, is a veritable patchwork quilt of horticultural inspiration, lovingly created by the late Geoff Hamilton for the BBC’s ‘Gardener’s World’.

Spanning eight acres, this collection of 38 themed garden rooms is both a testament to Hamilton’s pioneering gardening philosophy and a source of delight for plant enthusiasts and casual visitors alike.

The Creation of a Gardening Icon

Geoff Hamilton, a name synonymous with practical, organic gardening, began shaping Barnsdale Gardens in 1983.

Over the years, what was once pastureland transformed under his guiding hand into a series of distinct gardens, each with its own identity and purpose.

These garden rooms, crafted with the intent to inspire and educate, represent a variety of styles, influences, and functions—from the classical elegance of English cottage gardens to the sleek minimalism of contemporary design.

Diverse Gardens, Diverse Experiences

As visitors wander through Barnsdale, they encounter a rich tapestry of gardening scenarios. There’s the romanticism of the Cottage Garden with its perennial borders, the pragmatism of the Fruit and Vegetable Garden, and the serene repose offered by the Japanese Garden.

Each room is a standalone exhibit of good practice, encouraging sustainability and biodiversity.

The gardens do not just show plants; they demonstrate techniques such as crop rotation, composting, and pest control, adhering to Geoff’s organic principles. They show the garden not only as a space of beauty but also of productivity and harmony with nature.

The Visitor Experience

Barnsdale Gardens is thoughtfully designed to ensure a fully immersive experience. Paths meander, allowing for leisurely exploration or more studious examination of the plantings and designs.

The gardens are equipped with labelled plants and informative displays, making every visit an opportunity to learn something new, whether you’re a seasoned horticulturist or a beginner with budding interest.

Workshops, courses, and regular demonstrations provide hands-on learning opportunities. Topics range from planting and pruning to garden design, reflecting Hamilton’s own passion for sharing knowledge and empowering others to create their green spaces sustainably.

An Engaging Calendar of Events

The gardens host a vibrant calendar of events throughout the year, with seasonal highlights, plant fairs, and the much-loved open days where the gardens can be enjoyed at leisure.

These events reflect the dynamic nature of gardening and the ever-changing canvas that is Barnsdale.

Geoff Hamilton’s Legacy

Barnsdale’s identity is inextricably linked to Geoff Hamilton’s philosophy of gardening for everyone.

This democratic approach is palpable in every corner of the gardens, which remain a practical showcase of his down-to-earth gardening style. His belief that gardens should be as environmentally friendly as they are beautiful continues to guide Barnsdale’s development.

Tea Room and Nursery

Complementing the horticultural feast is the Garden Tea Room, offering homemade cakes and light refreshments, a perfect accompaniment to a day spent amongst the blooms.

The nursery at Barnsdale invites enthusiasts to bring a slice of its botanical charm into their own gardens. Many of the plants for sale are raised on-site, echoing the garden’s cycle of life and growth.

This initiative ensures that visitors can cultivate a fragment of Barnsdale’s magic in their own soil, an enduring memento of their journey.

Since its creation over thirty years ago, Barnsdale Gardens has grown into a revered haven for horticulturists and a peaceful escape for those seeking refuge from the frenetic pace of daily life. It’s a verdant oasis where time slows, and the beauty of nature takes centre stage.

Reflecting more than just the physical beauty of horticulture, Barnsdale embodies Geoff Hamilton’s philosophical approach to gardening – an interactive exchange between humanity and the earth, steeped in care and understanding.

 It’s a destination that’s essential for any garden lover’s itinerary, offering boundless inspiration and showcasing the dynamic nature of gardens as they gracefully adapt through the seasons

Address – Barnsdale Avenue, Exton, Oakham, LE15 8AH
Telephone – 01572 813 200

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