Beacon Hill Country Park, East MIdlands

Woodhouse Eves

Beacon Hill Country Park in Woodhouse Eaves stands as a magnificent example of nature’s splendour. With an expansive coverage of over 135 hectares, the park proudly claims one of the highest points in the county, presenting visitors with vistas that stretch into the horizon, capturing the heart and soul of the English countryside.

From Woodlands to Heathlands

Beacon Hill isn’t just about lofty viewpoints; it’s a kaleidoscope of habitats. Meander through the park, and you’ll traverse ancient woodlands, resplendent heathlands, and tranquil

The Bronze Age Hill Fort

Amidst its natural treasures, Beacon Hill also cradles remnants of human history. Hidden within its confines are the traces of a Bronze Age hill fort, a silent reminder of times gone by.

For the history enthusiast, these archaeological remnants offer a fascinating glimpse into the lives and endeavours of ancient civilisations that once called this land home.

Activities and Adventures Await

Beacon Hill Country Park isn’t just a sightseeing spot; it’s an arena of experiences. Adventurous souls can challenge themselves with hiking and trekking routes, while families can enjoy picnics amidst verdant meadows or partake in the many seasonal events and workshops hosted by the park.

And for those who find solace in capturing moments, the park’s landscapes provide endless photographic opportunities.

Beacon Hill Country Park, Woodhouse Eaves, is more than a mere green space. It’s where nature’s artistry and human history converge, offering visitors a multi-layered experience.

Whether you’re seeking solitude, adventure, education, or just a breath of fresh air, this park beckons with open arms, promising memories that linger long after the visit.

Address – Beacon Road, Woodhouse Eaves, LE12 8SP
Telephone – 0116 305 5000

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