Conkers, East Midlands

Conkers, Moira

Situated in the Forest in Moira, Conkers stands as a testament to the delightful amalgamation of education, nature, and thrill.

This award-winning attraction, sprawled across 120 acres, promises visitors a multidimensional experience, ensuring that every moment spent is one of discovery and joy.

Interactive Indoor Excursions

 One of Conkers’ major appeals is its vast indoor experience. As guests wander through its halls, they encounter a plethora of interactive exhibits, each designed to spark curiosity and deepen understanding.

From tactile displays that shed light on the intricacies of the natural world to discovery zones tailored for the younger audience, there’s a world of knowledge awaiting inside.

The Enchanted Forest Play Zone, with its whimsical design and captivating activities, is particularly beloved by children, offering a magical playground where imagination reigns supreme.

Outdoor Adventures and Nature Trails

Stepping out into the embrace of Conkers’ outdoor expanses, visitors are met with an array of adventures.

The Adventure Play & 4D Cinema is a standout, merging the thrill of physical challenges such as rope walks and exhilarating slides with the immersive experience of 4D films that transport viewers to otherworldly realms.

But Conkers isn’t just about high-energy escapades. Its serene lakes, meandering pathways, and dense woodlands provide the perfect backdrop for tranquil exploration.

Winding through Conkers are multiple scenic trails, dotted with educational markers sharing insights about the surrounding ecosystem, the vibrant plant life, and the diverse wildlife.

These paths serve as perfect starting points for those seeking an authentic connection with nature.

Educational Endeavours

At the heart of Conkers lies its commitment to education. It’s not just an entertainment hotspot; it’s a platform dedicated to nurturing a genuine appreciation for our environment.

Through its frequent workshops, interactive sessions, and guided explorations, Conkers dives into the depths of ecology, conservation, and nature’s marvels. Guests don’t simply depart with fond memories; they go home instilled with a rekindled respect for nature.

In tandem with its educational mission, Conkers is passionate about conservation and sustainability.

A constant effort is made to ensure that the premises remain environmentally conscious, minimising its footprint. This dedication is palpable, from the thoughtful design of its features to the ecological initiatives they champion.

Seasonal Attractions and Events

To keep the experience ever-fresh and dynamic, Conkers hosts an array of seasonal events throughout the year. From summer camps and wildlife spotting sessions to winter festivities and themed celebrations, there’s always something unique on the horizon.

These events, often coupled with special workshops or interactive sessions, ensure that repeat visitors always find something new to explore and enjoy.

Conkers is more than just a day-out destination; it’s an experience that enriches the mind, delights the senses, and rejuvenates the spirit. Its harmonious blend of education, adventure, and natural beauty makes it an unparalleled Leicestershire visitor attraction.

For families, nature enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers alike, Conkers promises a day of discovery, laughter, and profound appreciation for the wonders of the world around us.

Address – Rawdon Road, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Swadlincote, DE12 6GA
Telephone – 01283 216 633


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