Crich Tramway Village, East Midlands

Crich Tramway Village, Crich

Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Crich in Derbyshire, The Crich Tramway Village  stands as a beacon of transport history, inviting visitors from all corners to step back into an age of urban evolution.

With its vast collection and immersive environment, the museum provides an unparalleled insight into the world of tramways.

A Resplendent Collection

At the heart of the museum is its astonishing assembly of over 60 trams, each narrating a unique chapter of urban transport.

From the horse-drawn carriages of the 19th century to the electric marvels of the 20th, the collection spans a diverse range of vehicles. Painstakingly restored, each tram shines a light on the engineering prowess and design aesthetics of its era.

A Living Museum

What sets the Crich Tramway Village apart is its dedication to authenticity. Visitors are greeted by a reconstructed period street, complete with cobbled pathways, vintage signage, and historic tram stops.

The experience is amplified as you board a tram, with uniformed conductors issuing tickets and guiding you on a ride reminiscent of the past.

The gentle hum of the tram, the rhythmic clanging of the bell, and the picturesque Derbyshire countryside whizzing by— it’s a sensory journey like no other.

Interactive Exhibitions

Beyond the rides, the museum houses an array of interactive exhibits tailored for both young and old.

These installations delve into the intricate world of tramway operations, shedding light on the technological innovations, the challenges faced by workers, and the socio-economic impact of tram systems on urban life.

Whether it’s understanding the mechanics of a tram or the art of ticketing, these exhibits ensure that every visitor leaves with enriched knowledge.

A Calendar of Attractions

The museum is also renowned for its array of special events, ranging from classic car shows to wartime re-enactments. Seasonal festivities, like the enchanting Christmas rides, ensure there’s something for everyone throughout the year.

Furthermore, hands-on workshops offer enthusiasts a chance to try their hand at tasks like tram restoration, enhancing the immersive experience.

A Day Out for Everyone

While the trams are undoubtedly the stars, the museum offers more than just rides and exhibits.

Families can enjoy picnics in designated areas, children can revel in dedicated play zones, and everyone can relish a delightful meal or tea at the on-site café, making it a wholesome day out.

Address – Crich, Matlock, DE4 5DP
Telephone – 01773 854 321


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