Eyam Hall, East Midlands

Eyam Hall, Derbyshire

Eyam Hall is a Jacobean manor house built in the early 17th century with a handsome facade and splendid gardens.

Architectural Splendour

As one approaches the manor, the robust stone mullions and ornate timber frames catch the eye, a testament to the architectural prowess of the Jacobean era.

The hall, constructed using local sandstone, stands robustly against time, its weathered facade revealing stories of the centuries it has witnessed.

Inside, visitors are greeted with a cornucopia of period artifacts, from family portraits that adorn its walls to the intricately designed furnishings that echo the tastes and preferences of its erstwhile residents.

The Wright Family Legacy

The hall has been the ancestral home of the Wright family for generations. Their legacy can be traced through the numerous heirlooms scattered throughout the house.

Each room unfolds a different chapter of their story, revealing insights into the lives, passions, and challenges faced by its occupants.

The hall remains a living museum, encapsulating both the personal and broader historical narratives of the area.

Eyam Village: The Plague

The village of Eyam is infamously known as the “Plague Village.” In 1665, the bubonic plague reached Eyam, and instead of fleeing, the villagers, guided by their rector, chose to quarantine themselves to prevent the spread of the disease to neighboring regions.

This act of collective sacrifice resulted in the loss of many lives but undoubtedly saved countless others in the broader region.

The proximity of Eyam Hall to this history adds layers of depth to its significance. While the hall itself stood just before the outbreak, the stories of resilience, sacrifice, and community spirit echo through its corridors.

The house serves as a symbol of endurance, highlighting not just the challenges faced by a single family but an entire community.

The Gardens and Courtyards

Complementing the historical depth of Eyam Hall are its sprawling gardens and courtyards. These outdoor spaces are a haven for nature lovers, presenting a rich tapestry of flora that changes with the seasons.

The manicured lawns, ornate flowerbeds, and tranquil water features offer a serene backdrop against the weighty history of the hall and village.

Modern-Day Relevance

Today, Eyam Hall has evolved to accommodate modern visitors while retaining its historical essence.

It serves as an educational hub where visitors can delve into the intricate histories of the Wright family, the architectural nuances of the Jacobean era, and the broader narrative of Eyam village.

Eyam Hall, with its blend of personal family histories and broader community narratives, offers a unique glimpse into Derbyshire’s past. Its walls resonate with tales of endurance, sacrifice, and resilience.

Address – Eyam Hall Craft Centre, Main Road, Eyam, Hope Valley, S32 5QW
Telephone – 01433 350 055

Image: eyamhall.net

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