Fantasy Island, Lincolnshire

Fantasy Island, Ingoldmells

In the heart of Ingoldmells, a coastal gem named Fantasy Island emerges, blending the serenity of the seaside with the thrill of an amusement wonderland.

Since its inception in 1993, this entertainment venue has become an emblem of joy and adventure, drawing visitors from near and far to Lincolnshire’s East Coast.

The Rides

Spiralling roller coasters, swift drops, and whirlwind carousels await those brave enough to embark on these journeys. Simultaneously, families find a haven in areas tailored for younger adventurers.

The Market

Beyond the allure of its rides, Fantasy Island boasts a shopping extravaganza. Recognized as Europe’s largest seven-day market, it’s a labyrinth of stalls, each offering treasures ranging from handcrafted souvenirs to eclectic fashion finds.

It’s a shopper’s paradise, ensuring every visitor leaves with a tangible memory of their day.

The gastronomic journey at Fantasy Island is nothing short of a culinary carnival. Scattered across the park are dining nooks, each with its own flavour palette.

Food and Drink

From traditional British fare to global cuisines, every dish tells a story. Quaint cafes offer a moment of respite with a cup of tea, while bustling restaurants serve hearty meals to refuel the day’s adventurers.

What truly sets Fantasy Island apart is its commitment to delivering unparalleled value. Understanding that every visitor is unique, the park offers varied pricing models.

The all-day wristbands are a boon for those who wish to dive headfirst into every attraction, while the Fantasy Island i-Card caters to those who prefer a more selective experience. And the most delightful surprise?

Complimentary access to the sprawling market, vibrant entertainment zones, and a selection of eateries ensures visitors experience luxury without the hefty price tag – an outstanding Leicestershire visitor attraction for families.

Address – Sea Lane, Ingoldmells, Skegness, PE25 1RH
Telephone – 01754 871944


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