Fermyn Woods, Northamptonshire


Amidst the rolling landscapes of Northamptonshire, Fermyn Woods Country Park emerges as a sanctuary where nature performs its timeless ballet.

Situated near Brigstock, this verdant expanse offers a harmonious blend of history, biodiversity, and recreation.

The Ancient Canopy

The woods of Fermyn are a testament to nature’s endurance. These age-old sentinels, with their sprawling branches and rustling leaves, have borne witness to countless sunrises and sunsets.

Their bark carries the imprints of time, and beneath their shade, countless generations have found solace.

Nature’s Mosaic

Beyond the towering trees, Fermyn Woods is a vibrant tapestry of life. Birds serenade from the treetops, while the undergrowth rustles with the movement of myriad creatures.

Each season introduces new actors to this natural theatre, from spring’s blossoms to autumn’s russet palette, ensuring a dynamic performance throughout the year.

Pathways of Discovery

A network of trails crisscrosses the park, inviting visitors to embark on journeys of discovery.

Each path, whether winding through dense woods or skirting serene water bodies, offers a unique narrative, a fresh perspective of Fermyn’s multifaceted beauty.


Understanding the need for play and relaxation, Fermyn Woods boasts dedicated zones for recreation.

Children’s laughter echoes from play areas, while open spaces invite picnics, games, and introspective moments under the vast sky.

The Skylark Café

After immersing oneself in nature, the Skylark Café offers a delightful culinary interlude.

With views of tranquil waters, visitors can indulge in a curated menu that pays homage to local flavours, all while basking in the park’s ambiance.

Guardians of Green

Fermyn Woods’ pristine condition is a tribute to ongoing conservation efforts.

Through habitat preservation, sustainable practices, and educational outreach, the park champions the cause of nature, ensuring its wonders remain for future generations to cherish.

Fermyn Woods is more than a park; it’s a community hub. Seasonal events, workshops, and gatherings transform this natural space into a vibrant venue, fostering connections and celebrating the shared love for nature.

Address – Lyveden Road, Brigstock, Kettering, NN14 3HS
Telephone – 0300 126 5933

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