Foxton Locks, East Midlands

Foxton Locks, Market Harborough

At the heart of Market Harborough lies the impressive Foxton Locks, a monumental feat of 19th-century engineering.

This staircase of ten locks stands as one of the country’s most unique and well-preserved examples of canal architecture. Designed and constructed in the 1800s, it serves as a tangible testament to Britain’s industrial prowess and its canal transportation legacy.

The Dance of the Locks

Witnessing boats traverse the 75-foot rise of Foxton Locks is akin to watching a well-choreographed dance. The precise coordination required by boaters to navigate this intricate system is nothing short of mesmerising.

The locks’ design, which allows for the simultaneous movement of boats going up and down, is an impressive solution to the challenges of the land’s gradient.

Surrounding Scenic Beauty

Complementing the engineering marvel are the picturesque surroundings. The serene waterways, bordered by lush green paths, invite visitors for leisurely strolls.

 Birdwatchers and nature lovers can revel in the diverse fauna that calls this area home, making it a haven for relaxation and observation.

Foxton Locks Museum

Adjacent to the locks is the Foxton Locks Museum, an essential stop for those intrigued by the history of British waterways. The museum chronicles the locks’ storied past, the people who operated them, and the canal’s role during the Industrial Revolution.

 Authentic artefacts, informative displays, and interactive exhibits ensure a comprehensive and engaging experience for visitors of all ages.

Pubs and Eateries

A visit to Foxton Locks is not complete without indulging in the local fare. Traditional canal-side pubs serve as perfect spots to enjoy a pint while observing the boats’ movements.

Quaint tea rooms offer a range of delectable treats, allowing guests to soak in the atmosphere while indulging their taste buds.

A Mélange of History and Natural Beauty

Foxton Locks, with its blend of historical significance and natural splendour, offers visitors a chance to step back in time while enjoying the best of the English countryside.

It’s not just a destination for boating aficionados or history buffs, but for anyone seeking a day of relaxation, learning, and unparalleled scenic beauty.


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