Go Ape Sherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire

Go Ape Sherwood Pines in Edwinstowe isn’t just another outdoor activity; it’s an invitation to explore the enchanting world of Sherwood Forest from a perspective usually reserved for the birds.

This high-altitude adventure park offers a daring escapade amidst the treetops, where history and legend whisper through the leaves of ancient oaks.

A Challenge for All Ages

The main attraction, the Treetop Challenge, is a series of high ropes courses where adventurers swing, climb, and zip their way from platform to platform.

Each section presents a new challenge, a test of agility, and courage, allowing participants to push their boundaries in a safe yet exhilarating environment.

For younger explorers, the Tree Top Junior course ensures the adventure is accessible to even the littlest of climbers, promoting confidence and the joy of discovery.

Zip Wires and High Ropes

Spanning across vast expanses of the forest, zip wires offer the most direct way to experience the thrill of flight, while high ropes courses provide a more measured approach to the heights, allowing for moments of pause and admiration of the forest canopy.

Safety and Instruction

Before taking to the trees, visitors are given a comprehensive safety briefing by Go Ape’s friendly instructors.

They ensure that everyone is comfortable with the harnesses and understand the course’s safety systems. The staff remain on hand throughout, providing guidance and encouragement, ensuring a fun experience for all.

Team Building and Group Activities

Beyond individual and family fun, Go Ape Sherwood Pines is an ideal location for team-building events.

The shared experience of overcoming the course’s challenges fosters camaraderie and cooperation among colleagues and team members, translating to improved dynamics in the workplace.

Educational Aspect

The park also serves an educational purpose, bringing visitors closer to nature and raising awareness about the importance of conservation.

Amidst the adventure, there’s opportunity to learn about the local flora and fauna and the history of the legendary Sherwood Forest.

Reflecting on the Experience

As adventurers conclude their journey and return to terra firma, there’s a palpable sense of accomplishment.

Each participant, having seen the world from a squirrel’s vantage point, carries away not just memories of excitement and laughter but a newfound appreciation for the beauty and heritage of Nottinghamshire’s natural landscapes.

For those looking to embrace adventure and the spirit of Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest, Go Ape delivers an experience that is both thrilling and unforgettable.

Address – Sherwood Pines, Edwinstowe, Mansfield, NG21 9JH
Telephone – 01603 895 500

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