Haddon Hall, East Midlands

Haddon Hall, Bakewell

With its roots tracing back to the 11th century, this wonderful manor house is among the oldest in the country. Although it’s seen numerous transformations over the years, the building retains its medieval and Tudor essence.

Ownership and Preservation

The Manners family’s stewardship has been instrumental in the hall’s preservation. For centuries, they have owned, maintained, and cherished this architectural masterpiece. Their dedicated care ensures that the hall remains as authentic and pristine as it was in its early days.

Architectural Highlights

The hall boasts a multitude of architectural wonders. The Elizabethan terraced gardens showcase the design sensibilities of the era. Inside, visitors can marvel at the ornate wooden panelling, grand banquet hall, and intricate stonework. These elements collectively paint a vivid picture of the craftsmanship of bygone times.

Scenic Location

Positioned overlooking the River Wye, Haddon Hall offers more than just historical appeal. Its strategic location provides sweeping views of the Peak District. The juxtaposition of the hall’s ancient structure against the natural beauty of its surroundings is a visual treat for visitors.

A Popular Film Location

Due to its impeccable preservation, Haddon Hall has become a sought-after location for the film and television industry. Its timeless interiors and exteriors have provided the backdrop for several productions, further enhancing its reputation on the global stage.

Interactive Tours

To help visitors immerse themselves in the hall’s storied past, guided tours are available. These tours delve deep into the hall’s history, emphasizing its architectural nuances and offering insights into the daily lives and significant events of its past inhabitants.

Each tour is an educational journey, taking guests through the annals of time.

Haddon Hall in Bakewell is more than just a historical site. It’s a living testament to Derbyshire’s rich past and the timeless allure of English architecture – an attraction well-worth visiting in Derbyshire.

Address – The Estate Office, Haddon Hall, Bakewell DE45 1LA
Telephone – 01629 812 855

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