Hardy’s Animal Farm, Lincolnshire


Hardy’s Animal Farm is an oasis of rural charm and interactive learning. Over 7-acres, this Lincolnshire family attraction effortlessly merges education with entertainment, offering visitors a chance to step back from the digital age and connect with the timeless rhythms of the countryside.

Historical Roots

While it caters primarily to modern families, the farm also serves as a living museum, preserving and presenting agricultural practices that have been part of England’s heritage for centuries.

From traditional farming methods to the tales of generations who have toiled the land, Hardy’s ensures that Lincolnshire’s agricultural legacy is neither forgotten nor overlooked.

Hands-On Animal Encounters

What truly sets Hardy’s apart is its emphasis on immersive experiences. Whether it’s feeding the lambs, grooming ponies, or collecting freshly-laid eggs, these interactions foster a genuine appreciation for farm animals and the labour behind farming.

Each encounter is carefully supervised, ensuring safety while also promoting understanding and empathy towards animals.

Recreation and Events

Understanding the diverse interests of its visitors, Hardy’s Animal Farm is not limited to agricultural displays. Expansive play areas are designed to cater to children’s boundless energy.

From tractor rides to adventure trails, these recreational zones are thoughtfully designed to be both safe and stimulating.

Moreover, throughout the year, the farm hosts a variety of events. Seasonal celebrations, animal birth events, and specialized workshops ensure that repeat visitors always find something new to experience.

These events, often themed around specific animals or farming practices, offer deeper insights and foster a sense of community among attendees.

For visitors to Ingoldmells, the farm offers a refreshing break from the typical tourist trail – a chance to reconnect with nature, learn about the region’s agricultural heritage, and create lasting memories.

Address – Anchor Lane, Ingoldmells, Skegness PE25 1LZ
Telephone – 01754 872 267

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