Jewry Wall Museum, East Midlands

Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester

Set amidst the vibrant cityscape of Leicester is the Jewry Wall Museum, a beacon of historical intrigue that transports visitors to the Roman era.

Its location next to the monumental Jewry Wall, one of Britain’s most significant Roman ruins, provides a vivid backdrop for exploration.

A Roman Bathhouse and Beyond

The Jewry Wall’s imposing structure, believed to have been part of a Roman bathhouse, stands as a testament to the architectural and engineering skills of ancient Rome.

Its grandeur speaks of a time when Leicester, known as Ratae Corieltauvorum, thrived as an important Roman town. The presence of this monumental structure amidst modern buildings bridges millennia of history, underscoring Leicester’s enduring significance through the ages.

Inside the Museum

The museum’s interiors offer a treasure trove of discoveries. Its vast collection showcases life in Roman Leicester, ranging from ornate mosaics that adorned affluent homes to daily life artefacts.

These exhibits provide a comprehensive glimpse into the lives of the city’s Roman inhabitants, from their culinary preferences to their artistic inclinations.

Interactive displays immerse visitors in this ancient world, while detailed information panels contextualise each artefact, ensuring both casual visitors and history enthusiasts walk away with a deeper appreciation of Roman Britain.

Surrounding Attractions and Features

The museum’s garden is another highlight. Carefully curated with plants that would have been familiar to Roman inhabitants, it provides a sensory experience of the past.

The ruins of the Roman baths are also accessible, giving visitors a chance to walk through historical spaces and imagine the sights and sounds of a bustling Roman leisure centre.

A Meeting Point of Past and Present

The proximity of the Jewry Wall Museum to Leicester’s modern amenities makes it an even more attractive destination. After delving into ancient history, visitors can step out to enjoy the contemporary offerings of the city, from eateries to shops, creating a unique blend of the ancient and the modern.

The Jewry Wall Museum stands as a symbol of Leicester’s rich tapestry of history. It offers a rare opportunity to step back in time, to touch, feel, and understand a pivotal era in the city’s evolution.

For those curious about Britain’s Roman past and Leicester’s role in it, the museum is an unmissable destination, weaving stories of a time long gone but never truly forgotten.

Address – Jewry Wall St Nicholas Walk Leicester, LE1 4LB


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