Manor Farm Park, East Midlands


Manor Farm Park and Woodlands offers an evocative journey into the heart of rural Leicestershire. It stands as an idyllic retreat, seamlessly merging interactive farming experiences with the tranquillity of nature walks.

Engaging Farm Encounters

The main attraction at Manor Farm is the varied farm animals, from goats to horses. Each animal adds a layer to the rich tapestry of farm life, inviting visitors to interact and learn.

Children, especially, benefit from these encounters, understanding more about the origins of their food, animal behaviours, and the intricate balance of farm ecosystems.

Enchanting Woodland Trails

Beyond the farm gates, the woodlands beckon with their sylvan allure. Meandering paths lead visitors through areas dense with foliage, by bubbling brooks, and to vantage points offering panoramic views.

Every step taken in these woods is a step back in time, allowing visitors to reconnect with nature and find solace away from modern distractions.

For the Curious Young Minds

Understanding the importance of nurturing young curiosities, Manor Farm Park has dedicated areas that stoke the imagination.

Adventure playgrounds, mazes, and interactive exhibits keep young guests engaged, fostering a healthy balance between learning and play. Furthermore, tailor-made workshops introduce them to the nuances of nature, ecology, and the importance of sustainability.


Manor Farm Park doesn’t merely exist in isolation. It’s intertwined with the local community, hosting seasonal events, farmer markets, and craft workshops that celebrate the region’s heritage.

Additionally, with a keen focus on sustainability, the farm introduces various conservation initiatives, ensuring that it remains a haven for local wildlife and plants.

Here, visitors not only revel in the pastoral beauty but also gain insight into nature’s intricate web. Amidst the untouched landscapes, one crafts memories that linger, all while witnessing the farm’s dedication to education and conservation.

Truly, this farm embodies the enchanting spirit of the Leicestershire countryside.

Address – Castle Hill, East Leake, Loughborough, LE12 6LU
Telephone – 01509 852525

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