Midland Railway, East Midlands

Midland Railway, Butterley

Situated amidst the green landscapes of Derbyshire, the Midland Railway in Butterley serves as a vivid portal to the storied era of British rail.

Offering more than just a ride on the tracks, this living museum provides a comprehensive and authentic experience of the country’s railway legacy.

The Midland Railway Legacy

Originating from the industrial revolution’s heyday, the Midland Railway played a crucial role in connecting towns, cities, and industries.

The Butterley stretch, spanning 3.5 miles, stands as a preserved fragment of this once extensive network. Today, it is not merely a track but a symbol of a time when steam and iron revolutionised travel and commerce.

Vintage Journeys

One of the major highlights for visitors is the chance to travel aboard vintage steam or diesel trains. As the locomotives chug along, passengers are treated to picturesque Derbyshire views and the unmistakable rhythm of train travel.

The meticulously restored carriages, complete with period-specific details, enhance the immersive experience, allowing guests to revel in the ambience of a bygone era.

Beyond the Tracks

The experience at Butterley isn’t limited to the train rides. The station itself, with its red-bricked façade and charming platforms, offers a collection f attractions including a railway museum, a model railway and engineering workshops.

Year-Round Events

The Midland Railway is renowned for its dynamic roster of events. Whether it’s the echoes of wartime weekends, complete with vintage costumes and themed displays, or the enchantment of Santa specials during the festive season, there’s always an occasion to mark on the calendar.

In a rapidly changing world, places like the Midland Railway in Butterley are invaluable. It’s a celebration of Britain’s rail heritage, presented with authenticity and passion, awaiting every visitor’s discovery.

One of the most cherised of all Derbyshire tourist attractions, and a great way to see this beautiful part of England.

Address – Butterley Station, Ripley, DE5 3QZ
Telephone – 01773 570140

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