Moira Furnace Museum, East Midlands

Moira Furnace Museum, Moira

The Moira Furnace Museum brilliantly showcases the Industrial Revolution era. A standout relic from the 19th century, this iron-making blast furnace remains a rare architectural gem, with few parallels in the European landscape.

 Its brick edifice, bearing witness to years of fervent activity, stands as a testament to a time when industries were the lifeblood of progress.

Journey Within: Iron and Fire

Venturing inside reveals a world where fire and iron reigned supreme. Through meticulously curated exhibits, visitors experience the furnace’s life cycle, from the smelting of raw ore to the creation of solid iron.

Historical artefacts, accompanied by riveting narratives, craft a tapestry of the furnace’s operational heyday.

Human Stories Amidst Industrial Might

But the museum is not just an ode to industrial processes. It intertwines machinery with the heartbeat of the community that sustained it. Stories of craftsmen, labourers, and their families unfold, revealing the fabric of life in an era dominated by industrial pursuits.

Nature’s Embrace

Adjacent to the historical furnace lies a canvas of natural splendour. With the Ashby Canal serenading its way through and the encompassing country park, visitors are treated to a landscape where nature and history dance in harmony.

It’s a space that offers both reflection and recreation, juxtaposing the industrious past with serene present moments.

A Calendar of Engaging Interactions

The Moira Furnace Museum is alive with events that resonate with its ethos. Throughout the year, attendees can partake in traditional crafting sessions, witness historical enactments, or engage in workshops that deepen their understanding of the period.

The Moira Furnace Museum is an experience. As a convergence of Britain’s storied industrial past and Leicestershire’s picturesque present, it offers a profound exploration for both history enthusiasts and nature lovers.

A visit here is not just an education, but a voyage through time – one of the most important historical attractions in Leicestershire.

Address – Furnace Lane, Moira, Swadlincote, DE12 6AT
Telephone – 01283 224 667


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