Monsal Trail, East Midlands

Monsal Trail, Bakewell

The Monsal Trail, nestled within the enchanting bounds of the Peak District, is Bakewell’s crowning jewel for outdoor enthusiasts.

Originating as a railway line connecting Manchester and London, today it stands as a testament to nature’s resilience and mankind’s ingenuity, repurposed as an 8.5-mile-long trail.

From Bakewell’s Bounds to Magnificent Monsal Dale

Starting just a short distance from Bakewell, the trail unravels through some of Derbyshire’s most alluring terrains.

As you traverse the Monsal Trail, the path offers a visual treat, from serene riverside scenes along the River Wye to expansive views of the limestone dales.

The iconic Monsal Viaduct is a particular highlight. As you stand atop this architectural marvel, the vistas of the verdant valley below and the meandering river provide a picture-perfect moment, marrying the majesty of nature with human-made wonders.

The Tunnels

One of the unique features of the Monsal Trail is its sequence of tunnels, originally carved for the railway and now reopened and illuminated for trail-goers.

These tunnels, while offering a brief respite from the elements, also provide a whisper of bygone days, their echoing walls holding stories of steam engines and long journeys.

Along the path, carefully placed information boards breathe life into the surroundings, narrating tales of the area’s geological formation, the railway’s vibrant history, and the flora and fauna that now call the trail home.

More Than Just a Walk

While walking might be the most popular way to experience the Monsal Trail, it’s by no means the only one. The flat and well-maintained path is a favourite among cyclists, offering an uninterrupted ride through Derbyshire’s heart.

For those inclined towards horse riding, portions of the trail welcome equestrians, making for a unique and elevated perspective of the landscapes.

Accessibility and Amenities

The beauty of the Monsal Trail is not just in its views but also in its accessibility. With its largely level terrain and multiple access points, the trail is friendly for all ages and abilities.

Along the route, several former station buildings have been repurposed into cosy cafés and rental hubs, ensuring that visitors can grab a refreshment or even hire a bike for their journey.

In a world constantly in motion, the Monsal Trail offers a slice of tranquillity and a generous dose of history. For those seeking solace, adventure, or a mix of both, this major Derbyshire attraction is a must-visit.


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