Princess River Cruises, Nottinghamshire

River Trent

Princess River Cruises, based in the historic city of Nottingham, offers a unique vantage point on the tranquil waters of the River Trent.

Stepping aboard one of their elegant vessels, the ‘Nottingham Princess’ or the smaller ‘Prince’, you’re about to cast off for a serene adventure that melds scenic beauty with understated luxury.

Vessels of Elegance

The pride of their fleet, the ‘Nottingham Princess’, can graciously accommodate up to 140 passengers, while the more intimate ‘Prince’ is perfect for private gatherings, holding up to 60 guests.

Each boat is meticulously outfitted with comfortable amenities, climate-controlled interiors for year-round cruising, and open-air decks to bask in the gentle river breeze.

A Day on the Water

Daytime cruises offer a peaceful escape as the city’s hustle fades into the rhythmic sound of lapping waves.

The route takes you beyond the urban sprawl, revealing Nottingham’s hidden natural beauty and rich heritage. With the Captain’s commentary pointing out historical sites and natural features, it’s both an enlightening and relaxing experience.

Evening Revelries

As dusk falls, the evening cruises come alive with a different kind of energy. These voyages are perfect for those looking to dine in a floating restaurant or celebrate a special occasion.

The ambiance is set with soft lighting, gentle music, and a well-stocked bar that promises spirited merriment under the starlit sky.

Culinary Delights

Onboard dining is a cornerstone of the Princess River Cruises experience. With a selection of menus that range from casual buffets to elegant multi-course meals, there’s a culinary offering for every palate.

 Ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible, ensuring that each dish served is of the highest quality.

A Venue for All Occasions

Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two, a festive birthday party, or a corporate function, the cruises are adaptable to any event.

The crew’s attention to detail ensures that every celebration is unique and tailored to the guest’s desires, making it a memorable venue that contrasts the conventional.

Connecting with Nature

The leisurely pace of the cruise encourages a reconnection with nature. Observing the changing colors of the sky reflecting on the water, spotting wildlife along the banks, and feeling the gentle sway of the boat are reminders of life’s simple pleasures.

Accessibility and Ease

Conveniently docked at the River Lodge, accessibility is a breeze. With ample parking and close proximity to the city centre, guests can effortlessly transition from the energy of Nottingham to the serenity of the Trent.

A Commitment to Service

The well-trained and friendly staff of Princess River Cruises ensure a warm, hospitable environment. They are the heart of the service, ready to cater to your every need and to share stories that enrich the journey.

From the calming flow of the river to the impeccable service, every moment spent on the Trent is a testament to the joy of river cruising.

Here, in the heart of Nottingham, you’ll find a scenic voyage that offers a wonderful way of enjoying this lovely part of the world.

Address – 100 Racecourse Road, Colwick, Nottingham NG2 4RF
Telephone – 0115 910 0400

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