Rand Farm Park, Lincolnshire


Located in the serene countryside of Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, Rand Farm Park stands as a bridge between urban life and the rich agricultural heritage of the region.

A visit to this working farm is a journey that educates and entertains, making it an ideal destination for families, school excursions, and anyone with a curiosity for rural life.

Interactive Learning

At the heart of Rand Farm Park’s appeal is its commitment to hands-on learning. Unlike traditional zoos or animal parks where interaction is limited, visitors at Rand are encouraged to engage directly with the farm’s diverse inhabitants.

Children light up with joy as they bottle-feed newborn lambs, feel the coarse bristles of a pig, or collect freshly-laid eggs.

This tactile experience helps them develop a deeper connection and understanding of the animals, bridging the gap between farm-to-table concepts.


Beyond animal interactions, Rand Farm Park boasts an array of activities catering to diverse interests.

For the adventurous spirits, the farm has both indoor and outdoor play areas, ensuring that the unpredictable British weather doesn’t dampen the spirits. From climbing walls to tractor rides, the farm ensures that every energy level is catered to.

Seasonal Spectacles

To keep the experience fresh and relevant, Rand Farm Park hosts a range of seasonal events.

Whether it’s pumpkin picking during autumn, witnessing the birth of lambs in spring, or enjoying the farm’s winter wonderland during the festive season, there’s always something new to discover.

These events not only offer variety but also provide insights into the cyclical nature of farm life.


Recognising the importance of education, the farm also offers workshops tailored for school groups. These sessions are crafted to align with the national curriculum, ensuring that children don’t just have fun but also gain knowledge.

Topics range from understanding animal behaviours to learning about crop cycles. Such workshops foster an appreciation for agriculture, possibly inspiring the next generation of farmers or conservationists.

Promoting local produce and emphasizing sustainable farming techniques, Rand Farm Park actively champions eco-conscious practices.

Bridging the gap between city life and the pastoral, this haven underscores the significance of contemporary agriculture.

Whether it’s a parent eager to acquaint their child with rural marvels, an educator seeking a tangible teaching moment, or an individual in pursuit of a tranquil escape, Rand Farm Park offers an experience that’s simultaneously enlightening and unforgettable.

Address – Rand, Market Rasen, LN8 5NJ
Telephone – 01673 858 904

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