Rockingham Castle, Northamptonshire

Rockingham Castle, Corby

Commissioned by William the Conqueror in the 11th century, Rockingham Castle fortress has played a crucial role in British history, serving both as a royal bastion and a symbol of power.

Architectural Alchemy

The castle’s design is a harmonious blend of eras. From its early Norman roots, it has evolved, incorporating elements from the medieval, Tudor, and later periods. This architectural alchemy is evident in its robust battlements, the grandeur of the Great Hall, and the intricate detailing of its residential quarters.

A Royal Retreat

Throughout its existence, Rockingham Castle has been a favoured retreat for English monarchs.

It provided solace to King John and was a strategic point for Richard the Lionheart. Its walls have seen councils of war, royal feasts, and the intrigues of court life, making it an integral part of England’s royal narrative.

Stewardship of the Watsons

For over four centuries, the Watson family has been the custodian of Rockingham Castle. Their tenure has seen the castle transition from a royal fortress to a cherished family home.

Under their care, Rockingham has flourished, with each generation adding its touch, ensuring the castle remains both preserved and vibrant.

Journey Through Centuries

A tour of Rockingham is a journey through time. The ‘Panel Room‘ exudes Tudor charm, while the gallery showcases art spanning centuries. The castle’s kitchens, reminiscent of medieval culinary traditions, tell tales of feasts and festivities of yore.

Gardens and Grounds

Rockingham boasts exquisite gardens and parklands. The Victorian rose garden is a fragrant paradise, while the terraced lawns offer panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The ancient woodlands, once echoing with royal hunting parties, now provide tranquil pathways for visitors.

Educational Endeavours

Rockingham Castle takes pride in its role as an educational hub. Regular school visits, workshops, and interactive sessions ensure that the castle’s history is imparted to the younger generation, making history both tangible and memorable.

Preserving the Past

The task of maintaining Rockingham is monumental. Conservation efforts, undertaken with passion and precision, ensure that the castle’s physical and historical integrity is maintained. From restoring masonry to curating artefacts, every detail is attended to with reverence.

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Address – Rockingham Castle Estate, Rockingham, Market Harborough LE16 8TH
Telephone – 01536 770 240


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