Rutland Water, Rutland

Rutland Water, Oakham

Situated close to the historic town of Oakham, Rutland Water stands as one of Europe’s most significant man-made lakes, conceived as a reservoir but evolved into a hub of leisure and nature conservation.

Spanning several miles, this expansive lake is encircled by verdant landscapes and gentle undulations, offering vistas that are both serene and invigorating.

A Haven for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Beyond its recreational offerings, Rutland Water is a sanctuary for myriad bird species. The nature reserve here is renowned for its conservation work, particularly with the majestic osprey.

Birdwatchers, armed with binoculars and cameras, frequent the tranquil shores and dedicated hides, eager to catch a glimpse of these airborne beauties or hear the melodic calls of native birds.

Water Sports and More

For those with a penchant for aquatic adventure, Rutland Water delivers in spades. With facilities for sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking, it’s a water sports enthusiast’s dream.

The well-equipped centres around the lake offer both equipment hire and training sessions, ensuring that visitors of all skill levels can safely enjoy the waters.

Cycling, Walking and Family Fun

A well-maintained track encircles the lake, proving popular among both cyclists and walkers.

The path provides sweeping vistas of the shimmering water and the neighbouring green expanses, attracting families, exercise buffs, and individuals in search of tranquil ambulation.

Scattered generously around the lake, idyllic picnic areas invite visitors to unwind, savour a meal, and revel in the scenic beauty.

Merging Nature and Heritage

While the lake itself is a primary draw, its proximity to Oakham, a town steeped in history, adds another layer to the Rutland Water experience, as does the semi-submerged Normanton Church.

After a day of outdoor pursuits, visitors can explore Oakham’s historic landmarks, indulge in local cuisine, or simply wander its charming streets.

The blend of natural beauty at Rutland Water and the rich heritage of Oakham ensures a varied and memorable visit for all.


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