Sundown Adventureland, Lincolnshire

Sundown Adventureland, Retford

Sundown Adventureland emerges as a dreamy escape from reality. Designed specifically with children under 10 in mind, this theme park offers a magical journey through whimsical lands, ensuring that imaginations run wild and dreams come to life.

Journey through Fairytales

The park’s storyline-driven attractions transport visitors into the realms of classic fairytales and beloved stories.

From enchanted castles and playful dragons to quirky little towns like the Rodeo Corral and Sunnydown Farm, every nook and cranny is designed to ignite a sense of wonder.

Characters from stories, both classic and new, come alive, giving children an opportunity to interact and even embark on miniature adventures with them.

Play Zones Galore

Understanding the boundless energy of its young visitors, Sundown Adventureland is dotted with numerous play areas.

The Angry Birds Activity Park, for instance, offers challenges and physical activities that help children engage both their minds and bodies. Each play zone, whether it’s the indoor or outdoor variety, promises hours of safe and entertaining fun.

Beyond pure fun, the park also focuses on subtly educating its young visitors.

Attractions like the Rocky Mountain Railroad not only provide exhilarating rides but also teach kids about transportation history. Similarly, various interactive setups introduce children to basic concepts of science, nature, and technology in engaging, age-appropriate ways.

Seasonal Specials

To ensure that the park remains a favorite all year round, special events and attractions are introduced based on seasons and festivals.

Christmas, for example, transforms the park into a winter wonderland, complete with Santa’s sleigh and a magical grotto. Halloween, on the other hand, brings with it a touch of spooky fun, balanced perfectly for the younger audience.

A Day Well Spent

Every detail at Sundown Adventureland, from the food outlets serving child-friendly delicacies to the souvenir shops filled with mementos of a day well-spent, caters to its primary audience.

Yet, it’s not just the children who are enchanted. The park’s charm, cleanliness, and overall ambience ensure that adults accompanying their little ones also have a memorable time.

Address -Treswell Road, Rampton, Retford, DN22 0HX
Telephone – 01777 248 274


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