Tropical Birdland, East Midlands

Tropical Birdland, Desford

Tucked away in Desford, Leicestershire, lies a vivid, cacophonous world unlike any other. Tropical Birdland, spanning a generous six acres, is a haven for bird lovers and families alike, offering an unparalleled immersion into the mesmerising realm of exotic birds.

A Diverse Array of Feathery Residents

With over 250 birds residing within its premises, Tropical Birdland boasts a stunning variety of species. From the vibrant plumage of macaws and parrots to the intriguing calls of lesser-known birds, the sanctuary captures the essence of a tropical paradise.

Each enclosure is meticulously crafted to mimic the natural habitats of its inhabitants, ensuring their comfort and well-being.

Interactive Experiences and Close Encounters

One of the most enchanting aspects of Tropical Birdland is the unique interactive experience it provides. As guests meander along the designated pathways, they often find themselves amidst a flurry of wings with birds flying freely overhead.

In the free-flying area, these beautiful creatures might even choose to perch upon an outstretched arm or playfully tug at a visitor’s hat, offering unparalleled photo opportunities and creating cherished memories.

Moreover, the sanctuary is involved in various conservation initiatives. By partnering with global organisations and running breeding programmes, Tropical Birdland plays a pivotal role in ensuring the survival and flourishing of endangered species.

Additional Attractions and Amenities

Beyond the birds, the sanctuary houses a series of attractions that enhance the visitor experience. The play areas, specifically designed for children, offer a safe space for them to expend their energy and engage in imaginative play.

Then there’s the koi pond, where the glistening fish glide beneath the surface, offering a moment of tranquillity.

To ensure guests have a comfortable visit, the sanctuary features a café serving a range of refreshments and snacks. Whether you want to indulge in a full meal or simply enjoy a cup of tea as you overlook the vibrant surroundings, the café caters to all palates and preferences.

A Day of Discovery and Delight

Whether you’re an avian aficionado or simply looking for an exciting day out with family, Tropical Birdland promises to be an unforgettable journey.

The blend of interactive experiences, the educational focus, and the sheer beauty of the birds make it a must-visit destination in Leicestershire.

Address – Lindridge Lane, Desford, Leicester, LE9 9GN
Telephone – 01455 824 603

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