Twycross Zoo, East Midlands

Twycross Zoo, Twycross

Twycross Zoo, situated in England’s lush heartland, is more than a mere wildlife observatory. It stands as a beacon for conservation and education, offering visitors an award-winning experience that intertwines the joy of wildlife observation with the noble mission of preserving endangered species worldwide.

The Expansive Landscape

Stretching over a vast 100 acres, the zoo is a testament to its dedication to providing ample space for both its diverse wildlife and visitors. From the gentle rustling of leaves in its nature reserve to the vibrant energy in play areas, every nook and cranny of Twycross Zoo is brimming with life.

A Unique Home to the Great Apes

The zoo prides itself on housing all four of the Great Apes, emphasizing its commitment to conserving some of the most endangered species. This rare feat offers visitors an unparalleled viewing experience, ensuring every animal, from the majestic ape to the tiniest insect, thrives in its care.

Interactive Experiences for All Ages

Beyond animal observation, the zoo offers a plethora of interactive experiences. Children can unleash their energy in indoor and outdoor play areas, dive into fun at the Wet ‘n’ Wild section, and immerse themselves in the enchanting Gruffalo Discovery Land, where tales come alive.

Six Decades of Legacy

For over 60 years, Twycross Zoo has been a cornerstone of unforgettable wildlife experiences. Its ability to evolve and innovate over the decades, catering to multiple generations, speaks volumes about its enduring appeal.

Championing Global Conservation

As a charitable institution, Twycross Zoo channels its revenues into conservation projects. Their “Pay for a Day, Visit Free for 12 Months” initiative is not just a testament to its value proposition but an invitation for visitors to become long-term conservation supporters.

Addressing Biodiversity Challenges

With numerous species on the brink of extinction, the zoo’s role in global conservation efforts is paramount. By spearheading conservation and scientific research, Twycross Zoo contributes significantly to global biodiversity preservation endeavors.

Twycross Zoo is a journey into nature, conservation, and community, exemplifying how institutions can leave a lasting impact, one visitor at a time.

Address – East Midland Zoological Society, Burton Rd, Atherstone, CV9 3PX

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