White Post Farm, Nottinghamshire

Cow Milking

Tucked away in the serene village of Farnsfield lies White Post Farm, a pastoral gem that has been captivating the hearts of families and school groups for over thirty years.

With more than 25 acres of lush Nottinghamshire landscape to explore, the farm provides an extensive day out filled with educational fun, interactive experiences, and a personal encounter with the countryside’s rhythm and creatures.

A Day at the Farm

The adventure begins the moment visitors step onto the farm, where they can meet and mingle with over 3,000 animals.

There’s a remarkable range of farmyard friends to encounter—from the soft, woolly sheep and the gentle clucking of hens to the inquisitive goats and the lazy lounging of pigs in their pens.

But it’s not just your typical farm dwellers that call White Post Farm home.

Exotic species like reptiles and an array of birds add to the farm’s diverse inhabitants, ensuring there’s always a new friend around every corner.

Interactive Experiences

White Post Farm excels in providing hands-on experiences. It invites young ones and adults to engage in feeding sessions, where they can hold a bottle for the greedy goats or scatter feed for the ducks waddling by the pond.

One of the most cherished experiences is the animal holding sessions—where visitors can cradle a silky chick or stroke a bunny, fostering an emotional bond and understanding of these animals.

Learning and Education

The farm prides itself on its educational offering. Staffed by a dedicated team of animal caretakers and educators, they ensure every visitor leaves with a deeper understanding of farm life.

Regular talks and demonstrations, such as milking or shearing, provide insights into the daily care of farm animals and the importance of agriculture in our everyday lives.

Seasonal Activities

No two visits to White Post Farm are the same, thanks to a calendar bursting with seasonal events.

In the spring, the farm is abuzz with the arrival of newborn lambs and the chance to witness the miracle of birth.

Summer brings outdoor picnics and the joy of young animals taking their first steps in the open fields.

Autumn is a spectacle of harvest hues, with Halloween events that are more charming than chilling.

 Come winter, White Post Farm transforms into a wonderland, with festive activities that warm the soul, like meeting Santa in his grotto.

Facilities and Amenities

With play areas, a farm shop stocked with local produce, and eateries serving homemade treats, the facilities at White Post Farm cater to every need.

The farm’s indoor play areas ensure that, come rain or shine, there’s always a place for play and relaxation.

A Visit to Remember

White Post Farm is a place where the simplicity of nature, the joy of learning, and the thrill of hands-on experiences blend to create a unique and enriching adventure for all.

Address – Mansfield Road, Farnsfield, Newark, NG22 8HX
Telephone – 01623 882 773

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