Wistow Maze, East Midlands

Wistow Maze, Wistow

Nestled in the idyllic village of Wistow, the Wistow Maze stands as a testament to creativity, nature’s wonders, and the pure joy of exploration.

This expansive maize maze, changing its face annually, presents a refreshing blend of challenge, education, and fun, making it a favourite among both locals and visitors to Leicestershire.

A Living Puzzle that Evolves Annually

What truly sets Wistow Maze apart is its ever-evolving nature. Every summer, as the maize begins its growth, the field transforms into a new design, meticulously planned around a specific theme.

These themes can range from commemorations of historical events, tributes to iconic figures, or even nods to popular culture. This annual transformation ensures that no two visits are ever alike, giving maze enthusiasts and casual visitors alike a fresh challenge year after year.

More than Just a Maze

Beyond the central attraction lies a myriad of additional activities tailored for a diverse audience. Younger visitors often find delight in the mini mazes and games, designed to offer a less challenging but equally enjoyable experience.

Quiz trails embedded within the maze add an educational twist, allowing visitors to learn while they navigate. These questions and facts, usually related to the maze’s theme, not only enrich the experience but often provide hints to the correct path, rewarding knowledge with direction.

The Beauty of the Leicestershire Countryside

The setting of Wistow Maze, amidst the rolling green expanses of Leicestershire, adds an undeniable charm to the entire experience.

The maze, as it grows taller and denser throughout the season, provides a gentle seclusion from the outside world.

This makes each twist, turn, and dead-end in the maze feel like a personal adventure. The rustling of the maize, the laughter of fellow explorers, and the distant sounds of the countryside combine to create an atmosphere that’s both exciting and soothing.

A Day Out at Wistow

A trip to Wistow Maze is more than just a few hours of fun. Many families and groups make a day of it, taking advantage of the ample picnic spots, dining areas, and local Wistow Rural Centre, which boasts an array of shops, a delightful cafe, and stunning views of the surrounding landscape.

The close proximity of Wistow Church, with its historic architecture and tranquil gardens, often complements the trip, offering a dose of history and serenity.

Address – Kibworth Road, Leicester, LE8 0QF
Telephone – 07884 403889

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