Woodside Wildlife Park, Lincolnshire

Eurasian Lynx

This unique park invites visitors to immerse themselves in captivating stories of wildlife and their intricate bonds with humans.

At Woodside, every trail tread and corner turned unravels a tale, deepening our appreciation for the delicate dance of nature and humanity’s role within it.

Global Encounters

Diversity thrives here. The park successfully replicates various global habitats, allowing visitors to experience a world tour without leaving Lincolnshire.

Tropical birds, native to the world’s most lush rainforests, enchant with their vibrant plumage, while majestic apex predators, like the Eurasian lynx, command respect and awe.

Educational Initiatives 

The dedicated staff organizes regular talks, workshops, and interactive sessions. Through these, they not only share fascinating animal trivia but also emphasize the importance of conservation and the challenges faced by these species in the wild.

Conservation at its Core

The park stands firm in its commitment to conservation. Rehabilitation programs are a testament to this dedication.

By tending to injured or endangered animals and reintroducing them to the wild when possible, Woodside plays a pivotal role in wildlife preservation.

Moreover, their breeding initiatives aid in sustaining populations of species that are dwindling in their natural habitats.

Interactive Experiences

Whether it’s being a falconer for a day, witnessing flying displays, or having close encounters in the tropical house, visitors are encouraged to interact, understand, and appreciate the animals beyond the confines of their enclosures.

By marrying education with entertainment, the park ensures that visitors leave with not just memories, but also a renewed respect for the natural world.

In today’s era, where urban sprawl and technological distractions often disconnect us from nature, places like Woodside are essential.

Address – Newball, Lincoln, LN3 5DQ
Telephone – 01522 754 280

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