Lincolnshire Attractions

Lincolnshire boasts a rich history, diverse scentary and a variety of attractions for visitors, ranging from major historical attractions to petting farms.

Read on as we now showcase some of the best things to do in Lincolnshire. If you’re looking to build a travel itinerary, then this Lincolnshire travel guide is for you.

Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln

Lincoln Cathedral

One of the most important historical Lincolnshire attractions, this incredible cathedral is an architectural marvel

Its soaring spires and intricate stone carvings bear testament to a legacy that spans several centuries.

With construction beginning in the 11th century, this mammouth structure represents a tapestry of history, where battles, beliefs, and artistic evolution intertwine.

The cathedral’s walls resonate with tales of old, from royal dramas to tales of common folk.

One particular legend that intrigues visitors is that of the mischievous Lincoln Imp, a symbol now synonymous with the city.

Amidst the delicate whispers of its ancient corridors and the evocative hum of choral performances, the cathedral provides a transcendent experience, making it an unmissable jewel in Lincoln’s crown.

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Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln

Museum of Lincolnshire Life, Lincoln

The Museum of Lincolnshire Life is a true celebration of the county’s rich heritage.

Housed within an old barracks, the museum offers a journey through time, chronicling Lincolnshire’s social history from the 18th century to the present.

With its vast collection, ranging from agricultural machinery to wartime memorabilia, it provides a vivid tableau of the region’s past, highlighting the traditions, industries, and everyday life of its people.

It’s effectively a bridge to Lincolnshire’s soul, connecting visitors with the heartbeats of generations gone by. If you’re in the town and looking for quirky things to do in Lincolnshire, this museum is well-worth a look.

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Doddington Hall, Lincoln

Doddington Hall, Lincoln

Doddington Hall, located just outside Lincoln, is a majestic Elizabethan mansion that stands as a testament to England’s rich architectural and cultural history.

Built between 1593 and 1600 by the renowned architect Robert Smythson, this grand building has remarkably remained within the same family for over 400 years.

Its beautifully preserved interiors showcase a harmonious blend of original Elizabethan decor with later Georgian modifications.

Beyond the stately rooms and grand staircases, Doddington Hall is enveloped by idyllic gardens, each designed in distinct styles, ranging from romantic wild gardens to formal terraces.

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Lincoln Castle, Lincoln

Lincoln Castle, Lincoln

Lincoln Castle stands was established by William the Conqueror in the 11th century and has borne witness to numerous historical events, from the Norman conquests to the struggles of the English Civil War.

Encircled by imposing stone walls and deep ditches, its formidable structure once asserted the power and dominance of its rulers.

Today, it houses treasures like the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest, drawing history enthusiasts from across the globe.

Its observatory tower offers panoramic views of Lincoln, a juxtaposition of ancient history against the modern horizon.

Visitors are transported back in time as they walk the castle’s battlements, feeling the whispers of bygone eras.

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Tattershall Castle, Tattershall

Tattershall Castle

Tattershall Castle in Tattershall, Lincolnshire, stands as a majestic reminder of medieval England’s architectural prowess.

Rising dramatically against the Lincolnshire flatlands, this 15th-century red-brick fortress boasts a grand tower, an innovation for its time, signifying the transition from traditional stone fortifications.

Commissioned by Ralph Cromwell, Lord Treasurer of England, the castle was intended as a defensive stronghold and luxury residence.

Surrounded by a serene moat and picturesque grounds, Tattershall Castle remains a captivating historical gem, drawing history enthusiasts and tourists alike to delve into its storied past.

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Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve, Skegness


In terms of natural attractions, this is one of the best places in Lincolnshire to visit, regardless of the time of year.

Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve, located just south of Skegness, is a dynamic stretch of unspoiled coastline that showcases the diverse beauty of the Lincolnshire coast.

Spanning from the sand dunes of the shore to the freshwater habitats inland, the reserve is a haven for a myriad of wildlife.

Birds, in particular, are drawn to this sanctuary, making it a coveted spot for birdwatchers.

Seasonal migrations transform the skies with patterns of fleeting visitors, from wading birds to songbirds.

Beyond avian wonders, Gibraltar Point is replete with unique flora, thriving in the salt marshes and dunes.

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Belton House, Grantham

Belton House, Grantham

Belton House, located near Grantham in Lincolnshire, is a stunning example of 17th-century English architecture.

Set within a vast estate encompassing gardens, woodlands, and a sprawling deer park, the mansion reflects the opulence and elegance of the Carolean style.

Built for Sir John Brownlow in the 1680s, the house has witnessed the ebb and flow of history, with its rooms echoing tales of political intrigues, lavish parties, and generational family legacies.

The interiors, adorned with intricate plasterwork, grand tapestries, and a collection of fine art, transport visitors back to a bygone era of affluence and artistry.

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Skegness Beach, Skegness

Skegness Beach

Skegness Beach is a refreshing blend of coastal serenity and seaside revelry. This isn’t just another sandy stretch; it’s where generations of families have created sun-soaked memories.

The whispers of history echo with the laughter of today’s children as they chase the receding tide or try their hand at creating sand masterpieces.

Beyond its natural splendor, the adjacent Skegness Pier serves as a nostalgic reminder of yesteryears, offering a mix of classic and contemporary entertainments.

As the sun sets, the luminous glow from beachside eateries casts a warm hue, inviting visitors for a taste of local delights.

At Skegness Beach, every grain of sand seems to have a story, weaving a rich tapestry that celebrates both heritage and the ever-evolving charm of seaside life.

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Burghley House, Stamford

Burghley House, Stamford

Burghley House, located near Stamford, is one of England’s most impressive Elizabethan stately homes.

Commissioned by Sir William Cecil, the chief advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, the house stands as a testament to the grandeur and opulence of the Tudor era.

Its exquisite architectural detailing, from ornate ceilings to lavish staterooms, reveals the affluence and taste of its original occupants.

Beyond the house itself, the sprawling grounds, designed in part by the famed landscape architect Capability Brown, offer serene gardens, tranquil lakes and deer-dotted parkland.

If you’re looking for ideas regarding Lincolnshire day trips, this stunning mansion, comes highly recommended.

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Woolsthorpe Manor, Grantham

Woolsthorpe Manor, Grantham

Nestled amidst the tranquil setting of Grantham lies Woolsthorpe Manor, a repository of scientific legacy and remarkable history.

This unassuming stone-built residence is none other than the childhood home of Sir Isaac Newton, the luminary who reshaped the realm of physics.

At Woolsthorpe, amid the quiet whispers of the old walls and the rustle of apple trees, Newton formulated his groundbreaking insights, including the renowned theory of gravity.

The legendary apple tree, still flourishing in the garden, stands as an emblem of Newton’s profound revelation.

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Mablethorpe Beach, Mablethorpe

Mablethorpe Beach, Mablethorpe

Also on our list of things to do in Lincolnshire is this majestic stretch of sand.

Mablethorpe Beach, situated in the charming town of Mablethorpe on Lincolnshire’s eastern coast, is a delightful stretch of golden sands that beckons visitors year-round.

This traditional British seaside spot is famed for its pristine shoreline, complemented by a gentle ambiance that offers respite from the bustling modern world.

Children can revel in building sandcastles, while adults will find solace in the rhythmic lapping of the waves.

Beyond sunbathing and beach games, the nearby promenade is dotted with cafes, shops, and classic amusement arcades, ensuring entertainment for all ages.

A particular attraction is the iconic sand train, ferrying beachgoers along the coast, evoking a sense of nostalgia.

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Boston Stump (St Botolph’s Church), Boston

Boston Stump (St Botolph's Church), Boston

Dominating the skyline of Boston, Lincolnshire, is the iconic Boston Stump, officially known as St Botolph’s Church.

Renowned for its impressive Gothic architecture, the church boasts one of the tallest towers, or “stumps”, in England, making it a distinguishing landmark visible from miles away.

Constructed over a period spanning several centuries, beginning in the 1300s, the church is a testament to the town’s medieval heritage.

Inside, its vast, vaulted ceilings and intricate stained glass windows encapsulate the artistry and devotion of generations past.

Boston Stump also played a role in the pilgrimage of the Pilgrim Fathers to America, with some of its members worshipping within these very walls before embarking on their historic journey.

Today, the church one of the more intriguing historical Lincolnshire attractions that should be part of any travel itinerary.

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Natureland Seal Sanctuary, Skegness


Perched on the Skegness coastline, the Natureland Seal Sanctuary is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and releasing orphaned and injured seals from the Lincolnshire coast.

Beyond its noble mission, the sanctuary provides visitors with an enlightening experience, diving deep into the world of these marine mammals.

Interactive exhibits allow visitors to witness the nurturing process first-hand, from the initial rescue of vulnerable pups to their eventual return to the wild.

But seals aren’t the sole residents here; the sanctuary is a mosaic of marine life, showcasing everything from penguins to tropical butterflies.

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Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitor Centre, Coningsby

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitor Centre, Coningsby

The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitor Centre provides a poignant and absorbing tribute to the aircrews who valiantly defended Britain during the Second World War.

Housing iconic aircraft such as the Lancaster bomber, Spitfires, and Hurricanes, the centre showcases these majestic machines and also tells the stories of the brave individuals who piloted them.

Guided tours grant intimate access to the hangars, offering insights into the aircraft’s engineering marvels and their pivotal roles during wartime operations.

The exhibitions delve deep into the events of the Battle of Britain, bringing history to life with personal accounts, photographs, and artefacts.

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Heckington Windmill, Heckington

Heckington Windmill, Heckington

Heckington Windmill stands as an iconic testament to Britain’s rich milling heritage. Located in the village of Heckington, Lincolnshire, it is the only eight-sailed tower windmill still in full working order in the country.

Built in 1830, the windmill has defied time, preserving the old-world charm and techniques of traditional grain milling.

Visitors are often captivated by its striking appearance, with the eight symmetric sails turning gracefully against the backdrop of the Lincolnshire countryside.

Adjacent to the windmill, the site boasts a visitor centre, tea room, and brewery, ensuring a fascinating outing history enthusiasts and those looking for fun Lincolnshire day trips.

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Rand Farm Park, Market Rasen


Rand Farm Park in Market Rasen is a delightful blend of countryside charm and hands-on learning experience.

Set against the backdrop of Lincolnshire’s rolling landscapes, this working farm welcomes families and school groups to immerse themselves in genuine agricultural life.

Visitors can engage with a variety of animals, from cuddly rabbits to majestic dairy cows. Beyond simple observation, the park promotes interaction, allowing children to bottle-feed lambs or collect fresh eggs.

For those wanting more of a thrill, Rand Farm Park also boasts indoor and outdoor play areas, making it an all-weather destination.

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Cleethorpes Beach, Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes Beach

Cleethorpes Beach, situated in the seaside resort town of Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire, offers visitors a quintessential British coastal experience.

This golden sandy stretch, flanked by the inviting North Sea, extends for miles, providing ample space for relaxation and recreation.

As the tide recedes, it reveals vast expanses of shimmering wet sands, ideal for beach games and sunbathing. The iconic Cleethorpes Pier, with its rich Victorian heritage, stands as a testament to the area’s historical appeal.

Visitors can immerse themselves in time-honoured coastal activities, from playful donkey rides to savouring the classic British dish of fish and chips with a seaside view.

The neighbouring promenade brims with bustling cafes, quaint boutiques, and lively attractions, presenting a seamless blend of traditional charm and contemporary convenience.

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Donna Nook Nature Reserve, Louth

Donna Nook Nature Reserve

Donna Nook Nature Reserve, located near Louth in Lincolnshire, is a wildlife haven renowned for its remarkable annual grey seal spectacle.

Spanning several miles of coastline, this reserve offers a unique window into the lives of these marine mammals.

Every autumn, from October to December, thousands of grey seals descend upon its shores to give birth and mate, transforming the serene coast into a bustling nursery.

Visitors flock to witness this natural phenomenon, where they can observe seal pups up close from viewing areas, all while ensuring minimal disturbance to the animals.

Beyond the seals, Donna Nook boasts diverse habitats, from sand dunes to salt marshes, which support a plethora of bird species, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise throughout the year.

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Fantasy Island, Ingoldmells

Fantasy Island, Ingoldmells

Nestled in Ingoldmells, Fantasy Island stands as a beacon of fun and entertainment, drawing visitors from far and wide.

More than just a theme park, it seamlessly blends thrilling rides with a captivating atmosphere. From the heart-stopping heights of roller coasters to the enchanting allure of family-friendly attractions, there’s something to spark joy for every adventurer.

In addition to the rides, the park proudly hosts one of Europe’s largest markets, presenting a treasure trove of unique finds and tasty treats.

As the sun sets, Fantasy Island comes alive with mesmerizing lights and captivating live shows, ensuring the magic continues well into the night.

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Sundown Adventureland, Retford

Sundown Adventureland, Retford

Sundown Adventureland, situated near Retford, is a whimsical paradise designed with the youngest adventurers in mind.

Tailored specifically for under-10s, the park ensures a delightful experience for children, making it a favourite among families.

At the heart of Sundown is its enchanting theme which brings to life a plethora of fairy tales and fantasies. As visitors journey through, they’re greeted by animated characters from classic stories, from the Three Little Pigs to Goldilocks.

The “Rodeo Corral” indoor play area and the “Rocky Mountain Railroad” are among the park’s highlights, ensuring joyous laughter and gleeful screams resonate throughout.

As well as the rides, Sundown’s captivating play areas, like the “Monkey Mischief” and “Lollipoppet Castle”, encourage imaginative play.

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Hardy’s Animal Farm, Ingoldmells


Situated in the heart of Ingoldmells, Hardy’s Animal Farm offers visitors a delightful blend of agricultural history and hands-on animal encounters.

Spread over 7 acres, this family-friendly attraction aims to educate and entertain with its array of farm animals, from fuzzy chicks to majestic Shire horses.

Children are not merely spectators here; they’re invited to engage, feeding lambs or collecting freshly-laid eggs.

The farm also includes tractors for little ones to climb and adventure trails to explore. Throughout the year, Hardy’s organizes events and activities, ensuring each visit offers something novel.

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Tattershall Kart Centre, Tattershall

Tattershall Kart Centre

Tattershall Kart Centre is a premier karting hotspot in Lincolnshire. The expansive track, set in a picturesque rural backdrop, offers customizable layouts, making it a top choice for karting enthusiasts in the region.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, the proximity to nearby camping sites allows for an extended adventure, integrating karting into your vacation plans.

The centre offers a plethora of packages tailored to various needs. One of the crowd-favorites is the Karting Grand Prix, which promises an adrenaline-packed experience with practice sessions, races, and a grand finale.

It’s the perfect package for those seeking the thrill of competition and the joy of victory.

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Jump Warriors Trampoline Park, Skegness


Jump Warriors Trampoline Park in Skegness is the ultimate destination for thrill-seekers and those looking for an active day out.

Set within a vast indoor arena, this park boasts a plethora of trampolines, catering to both novices and seasoned jumpers.

The park features numerous challenges and zones, from dodgeball courts to foam pits, ensuring diverse experiences for all ages.

Whether it’s a casual jump session, a birthday celebration, or a rigorous workout, this trampoline park promises an energetic and memorable Lincolnshire experience.

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Lincolnshire Wolds Railway, Ludborough

Lincolnshire Wolds Railway

The Lincolnshire Wolds Railway offers a warm welcome to visitors, inviting them to experience a memorable day out for the entire family.

Located a short distance from Grimsby, the seaside resort of Cleethorpes, and the historic market town of Louth, this railway promises an authentic journey through time.

Passengers can enjoy a scenic ride between Ludborough and North Thoresby, with plans underway to extend the line towards Louth.

Managed and operated by a passionate team of volunteers, the railway stands as the only standard gauge Heritage Steam Railway in Lincolnshire.

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Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre, Grimsby

Set in the port town of Grimsby, the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Centre is a portal to a time when the town was heralded as the world’s premier fishing hub.

Unlike typical museums, this centre unfolds the tale of the region’s fishing legacy through immersive experiences.

Within its walls, you don’t just observe; you step directly into the shoes of 1950s trawlermen.

The center’s pièce de résistance is the Ross Tiger, an authentic trawler vessel, which visitors can board to witness firsthand the challenging conditions mariners faced.

Expert guides, often retired fishermen, share harrowing tales of the deep-sea fishing expeditions, infusing stories with authenticity.

The centre offers a curated journey through changing fishing methods, the profound influence of the industry on Grimsby’s societal fabric, and a glimpse into the spirited community that was the lifeblood of this trade.

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Woodside Wildlife Park, Lincoln

Eurasian Lynx

Woodside Wildlife Park isn’t your typical wildlife attraction; it’s a tapestry of diverse ecosystems, capturing the essence of habitats from around the world.

From the delicate fluttering of butterfly wings in the tropical house to the enigmatic gaze of the Eurasian Lynx, each corner tells a different tale. The park prides itself on creating authentic experiences.

Attendees can feel the palpable excitement during flying displays, sense the commitment during conservation talks, and witness the dedication to rehabilitation programs.

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