Arbeia Roman Fort, Tyne and Wear

Arbeia Roman Fort

Nestled in South Shields, the Arbeia Roman Fort stands as an enduring testament to the reach and complexity of the Roman Empire in Britain.

Built around AD 160, the fort functioned as a critical supply centre for the Roman legions, particularly those guarding Hadrian’s Wall.

Its meticulously reconstructed buildings, including an imposing gatehouse and authentic barracks, offer a unique hands-on experience, allowing you to imagine life as a Roman soldier or civilian.

It’s history made palpable, crafted to ignite the imagination of adults and children alike.

As you stroll through the sprawling complex, informative signage and displays guide you, illuminating the fort’s original purposes and structures.

One of the site’s highlights is its museum, where a rich array of artefacts awaits. Discover pottery crafted by skilled Roman artisans, weaponry that once belonged to Roman soldiers, and intricate jewellery that reveals the aesthetics of the period.

Each object tells a story, filling in the gaps of this ancient puzzle and offering a fuller understanding of Roman life in Britain.

Whether you’re observing a military re-enactment that brings Roman battles to life or participating in a workshop that teaches ancient crafts, there‚Äôs always something happening to make your visit memorable.

Located near the mouth of the River Tyne, the fort is easily reachable from Newcastle and other parts of the Northeast. With ample parking and public transport options, visiting Arbeia is a breeze no matter your mode of transport.

Address – Baring Street, South Shields, NE33 2BB
Telephone – 0191 277 1409

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