The BALTIC Centre, Tyne and Wear

The BALTIC Centre

Stepping into the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art is like entering a realm where creativity knows no bounds.

Perched along the iconic Quayside area in Gateshead, right across the River Tyne from Newcastle, this former flour mill has been transformed into a magnificent venue for contemporary art.

With its distinctive industrial architecture harmoniously juxtaposed with modern design elements, the BALTIC serves as a canvas not just for the art it houses but for the larger landscape it inhabits.

As you walk through its spacious, light-filled galleries, you’ll encounter a dynamic range of artistic expressions—paintings, sculptures, installations, and digital media, among others—crafted by both established and emerging talents from around the globe.

Unlike many traditional art galleries, the BALTIC doesn’t feature a permanent collection.

Instead, it dedicates its multiple gallery spaces to temporary exhibitions, ensuring that each visit to the centre brings fresh perspectives and the chance to discover something new.

What sets the BALTIC apart is its commitment to engagement and education.

Whether you’re a seasoned art critic or visiting a gallery for the first time, you’ll find interactive displays and informative plaques that offer valuable insights into the artworks.

Frequent talks, film screenings, and artist-led events add another layer to the BALTIC experience, making it a vital part of the community’s cultural fabric.

After immersing yourself in art, you can head up to the centre’s rooftop restaurant, which offers spectacular views of the Tyne and its iconic bridges—a perfect setting to ponder the artworks you’ve just encountered.

Alternatively, you can take a stroll along the adjacent Quayside, a vibrant area home to numerous bars, restaurants, and boutiques, or even hop across the river to explore Newcastle’s attractions.

And let’s not forget the BALTIC Shop, an artistic venture in its own right, offering a curated selection of books, prints, and unique gifts that embody the centre’s creative ethos.

A trip to the BALTIC not only enriches your understanding of contemporary art but also adds a vivid splash of culture to your visit to Tyne and Wear.

Address – S Shore Rd, Gateshead, NE8 3BA
Telephone – 0191 478 1810

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