Chesters Roman Fort, Northumberland

Chesters Roman Fort

Set against the scenic backdrop of the Northumberland countryside, Chesters Roman Fort and Museum is an indispensable destination for anyone interested in the annals of ancient history. The fort forms part of Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it showcases what life was like on this Roman frontier.

As you step through the entrance, you’re immediately transported to the Roman era. One of the standout features is the well-preserved bathhouse — a sophisticated structure that once offered Roman soldiers the luxuries of heated floors, steam rooms, and cold plunges.

As you wander through these baths, you can almost hear the chatter of Roman centurions, the echoes of conversations lost in time but preserved in stone.

Adjacent to the fort, you’ll find an equally impressive museum. The John Clayton Museum, named after the 19th-century antiquarian who saved the fort from ruin, houses a jaw-dropping array of Roman artefacts.

Among the many highlights are intricate pieces of jewellery, inscriptions, tools, and even remnants of Roman footwear. The museum offers a nuanced look at the everyday lives of the people who resided in and around Chesters, from the common soldier to high-ranking officers and local civilians.

The fort itself is a labyrinth of stone walls and pathways, leading you to explore various sections like the barracks where the soldiers slept, the granaries where food was stored, and a fascinating Roman bridge abutment.

The latter is particularly interesting as it demonstrates the Romans’ ingenuity in civil engineering. This bridge, now a ruin, once spanned the River North Tyne, facilitating the movement of troops and resources across the region.

For families, Chesters is an educational wonderland. Kids can don replica Roman helmets and shields, bringing a hands-on aspect to their historical understanding.

Numerous informational plaques and interactive displays demystify the complexities of Roman architecture, military strategy, and daily life, making it a fantastic educational outing.

The adjacent tea rooms and gift shop offer modern comforts and souvenirs to round off a day steeped in ancient history.

Address – Chollerford, Hexham, NE46 4EU
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