Ford and Etal Estates, Northumberland

Etal Castle

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and tranquil rivers of Northumberland, Ford and Etal Estates represent the epitome of pastoral beauty and historical richness. The estates encompass the charming villages of Ford and Etal, each offering unique attractions that promise an enriching experience.

The journey typically starts at Etal Castle, a remarkably well-preserved 14th-century fortress with an engaging museum that delves into the history of the Battle of Flodden. The castle stands as a stoic reminder of the turbulent times that shaped this borderland.

Moving from history to art, the Lady Waterford Hall in Ford village is a visual delight. Once the village school, the hall is now a gallery that displays the 19th-century watercolour murals of Louisa, Marchioness of Waterford.

The level of detail and emotional depth in these works are genuinely striking, providing insight into the artistic flair that characterized the Victorian era.

Natural beauty is in abundance here. The River Till, one of the main tributaries of the River Tweed, flows gracefully through the estate, offering excellent opportunities for fishing and bird-watching.

The landscape, dotted with ancient trees and flourishing gardens, is a paradise for horticulture enthusiasts. Several walking and cycling trails wind through the estate, each marked with points of interest ranging from archaeological sites to unique flora and fauna.

No visit to Ford and Etal Estates would be complete without a trip on the Heatherslaw Light Railway.

Ford and Etal Estates also offer a range of artisan shops and quaint tea rooms, serving everything from homemade cakes to traditional English scones.

Ford and Etal Estates encapsulate the tranquillity and richness of rural England. Whether you are a history buff, a nature lover, an art enthusiast, or simply someone looking for a peaceful getaway, Ford and Etal Estates offer something for everyone, making them a must-visit locale in the heart of Northumberland.

Address – Ford, Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 2QA
Telephone – 01890 820224

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