Howick Hall Gardens, Northumberland

Howick Hall and Gardens

Howick Hall Gardens, a verdant sanctuary spanning 65 acres in Northumberland, invites you on a sensory journey unlike any other. A hallowed realm of botany, the estate has been tenderly cultivated by the illustrious Grey family over multiple generations.

Upon entering its captivating expanse, you’re greeted by a harmonious blend of design, nature and history that invigorates your senses.

As you amble through this horticultural masterpiece, you encounter a diverse array of flora collected from all corners of the world. These botanical treasures find their home in a variety of thematic gardens.

The Woodland Garden, for instance, brings to life the mystique of forest flora, with an assortment of ferns, mosses, and ancient oaks. The Ornamental Garden showcases eye-catching blossoms set against intricate landscaping—here, traditional English perennials mix with exotic flowers in an astonishing dance of colours and textures.

The property pays homage to its ancestral lineage, especially to the 2nd Earl Grey, a former British Prime Minister who gave his name to the world-famous tea blend.

The Earl Grey Tea House on the premises provides an immersive experience, encapsulating British tea culture in its most authentic form. Amidst Victorian furnishings and heirloom teaware, you can relish the namesake Earl Grey tea blend, complemented by an array of classic British pastries and finger foods.

But the gardens are not merely a botanical exhibit or a tea lover’s paradise. The artful placement of sculptures and installations around the property adds another dimension to your experience.

The meandering pathways often lead to secluded spots where rustic benches beckon you to rest, breathe, and simply exist. These pockets of solitude encourage moments of reflection, surrounded by the soothing hum of nature and delicate floral fragrances.

One of the most endearing aspects of Howick Hall Gardens is its abundant wildlife. The gardens serve as a sanctuary for various bird species whose melodies create a euphonic symphony that resounds across the estate. Butterflies and bees contribute to this idyllic ecosystem, ensuring that the gardens are a living, breathing entity.

A special charm envelopes the gardens in spring when a riot of colours sweeps through the estate. This is when the cherry blossoms, azaleas, and rhododendrons put on a spectacular show.

Yet, every season has its unique allure. Autumn graces the arboretum with fiery hues, while winter blankets the gardens in an ethereal white, transforming it into a quiet realm of icy beauty.

You can explore the estate on guided tours conducted by knowledgeable guides who delve into the fascinating past of Howick Hall, the lineage of the Grey family, and the unique specimens that grace the gardens.

For the solo wanderer, the estate offers well-marked trails accompanied by informative placards, allowing for a self-paced exploration of this botanical wonderland.

Address – Howick Estate Office, Alnwick, NE66 3LB
Telephone – 01665 577285

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