Little Moreton Hall, Cheshire

Little Moreton Hall,

Little Moreton Hall, situated in Congleton is one of England’s most iconic Tudor manor houses.

Surrounded by a moat, this half-timbered structure was built in the sixteenth century and showcases the tastes and trends of Tudor-era England.

A Symphony in Wood and Plaster

When you first catch sight of Little Moreton Hall, the intricate half-timbered design immediately grabs your attention.

The house’s frame consists of carved wooden beams filled in with wattle-and-daub panels. The leaded windows, adorned with delicate lattice patterns, add to the visual charm.

But it’s not just aesthetics—this architectural style served practical purposes such as insulation, a crucial feature in the colder months.

The Sagging Long Gallery

One of the most intriguing architectural quirks of Little Moreton Hall is its Long Gallery.

Located on the upper floor, this room is visibly uneven and seems to sag under its own weight.

Far from being a flaw, this drooping structure adds a layer of unique character to the building.

It has become an iconic part of the hall and a favourite among visitors, often sparking conversations about the construction methods of the past.


The interior features the beautifully-preserved tapestries as well as period furnishings.

You’ll also fine intricate woodwork and carvings throughout the house, from mantelpieces to four-poster beds.

A Family Legacy

Little Moreton Hall was primarily the residence of the Moreton family for several generations.

Their story, along with the property’s, is highlighted in various informative exhibits throughout the manor.

These provide context for how the house evolved over time, including modifications and additions that catered to the family’s changing needs and social standing.

Gardens and Grounds

While the house itself is a significant draw, the surrounding gardens and grounds are equally inviting.

Maintained by the National Trust, these gardens offer a tranquil escape with their floral arrangements, manicured hedges, and quiet pathways.

For those who appreciate botany, various species of plants native to the region are featured, complete with informative labels.

Accessibility and Amenities

Little Moreton Hall aims to be accessible to everyone. In addition to on-site parking and restroom facilities, the hall also offers audio guides and informational pamphlets.

For visitors with mobility issues, the ground floor is accessible, although the upper floors might pose a challenge due to their historical design.

The Gift Shop

Before you leave, make sure to visit the gift shop, which offers an array of souvenirs ranging from Tudor-inspired crafts to historical books.

It’s a perfect way to take a piece of Little Moreton Hall and its rich history home with you.

An Unforgettable Journey into Tudor England

Little Moreton Hall is a fascinating historical North East attraction that’s ideal for historians, curious visitors and families looking for an enriching day out.

Address – Newcastle Road, Congleton, CW12 4SD
Telephone – 01260 272018

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