Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, Tyne and Wear


Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, South Shields

Positioned just a stone’s throw away from the serene beach, this amusement park includes rides, child-friendly activities and hi-tech amusements that suit everyone, from thrill-seekers to families.

High-Speed Rides

When it comes to heart-racing excitement, Ocean Beach Pleasure Park doesn’t hold back.

Boasting an array of roller coasters and high-speed rides that are sure to get your pulse racing, the park offers the adrenaline jolt that many visitors crave.

Yet, if you’re someone who prefers a more laid-back time, there’s also a multitude of slower-paced attractions to choose from.

Dodgem cars, carousels, and even a mini-golf course with a sea view give you a chance to wind down while still being engaged.

A Kiddie Wonderland

The park ensures younger visitors aren’t left out, thanks to a delightful kiddie zone filled with smaller rides and play areas.

Mini roller coasters, bouncing castles, and numerous other children-friendly rides are in abundance, making sure the little ones have as much fun as the adults.

Hi-Tech Amusements

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park adds a touch of modernity with tech-oriented attractions.

Navigate your way through a web of lasers in the Laser Maze, a thrilling challenge that demands agility and quick thinking.

If that’s not enough, Quasar Laser Tag lets you dive into a team-based combat scenario that’s as fun as it is competitive.

Culinary Comforts

No trip to a British amusement park would be complete without enjoying some classic seaside grub.

And there are numerous stalls serving up fast-food and local favourites including fish and chips, candy floss and ice cream.

Gaming Arcades

Arcade games are another area where the park shines. Ocean Beach Pleasure Park embraces both nostalgia and modernity with its variety of arcade offerings.

Whether you’re a fan of the classics like coin-pushing games or want to indulge in the latest video games, there’s something for everyone.

Special Events Year-Round

One standout feature of Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is its year-round calendar of special events.

During the summer season, the skies come alive with vibrant firework displays that add a touch of spectacle to the coastal evenings. You’ve also got Christmas markets and Halloween themed events during the autumn and winter.

Convenient Location

The park’s prime location near the beach means you can easily combine a day of sunbathing and swimming with an adventure-packed visit.

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is well-served by public transport, and parking is abundant, ensuring hassle-free access for visitors coming from different locations.

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park effortlessly blends traditional British fun with modern, interactive attractions.

Its strategic location and numerous rides make it a perennial favourite among residents and tourists alike.

Address – Sea Road, South Shields, NE33 2LD
Telephone – 0191 456 1617

Image: oceanbeach.co.uk

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