Ouseburn Farm, Tyne and Wear

Ouseburn Farm, Newcastle

Ouseburn Farm serves multiple purposes, functioning as an animal sanctuary, educational facility, and community hub.

Unlike your typical rural farm, Ouseburn Farm is an accessible urban retreat that makes the beauty of nature and the joy of animal companionship available right in the heart of the city.

Community-led and volunteer-supported, the farm has a unique character that reflects the diversity and creativity of the Ouseburn Valley itself.

Step inside, and you’ll find a menagerie of animals, ranging from the large and familiar—think cows, pigs, and goats—to the small and cuddly, like guinea pigs and various species of birds.

The farm promotes responsible animal care, and several of the creatures are available for gentle petting and feeding under supervised conditions.

While animal encounters are a highlight, Ouseburn Farm’s appeal doesn’t end there. The space is also dedicated to environmental stewardship and education.

Surrounding the animal areas are lush gardens teeming with fruits, vegetables, and herbs. These aren’t just for show; they are working gardens that practice organic farming methods.

Additionally, the farm’s emphasis on community engagement sets it apart. Local schools often collaborate with the farm to provide practical education in biology and environmental science.

Regular events, such as community volunteer days and seasonal celebrations, contribute to the farm’s role as a central gathering point in the community.

Ouseburn Farm transcends the traditional definitions of a farm by serving as a hub for animal welfare, environmental education, and community involvement.

It’s a space where visitors can enjoy a momentary escape from the city’s frenetic pace while gaining a newfound appreciation for nature and sustainability.

Ideal for families seeking a meaningful outing, educators looking for practical learning spaces, or anyone in need of a peaceful retreat, Ouseburn Farm offers a unique and rewarding experience right in the heart of Newcastle.

Address – Ouseburn Farm, Ouseburn Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2PA
Telephone – 0191 232 3698

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