Bolton Museum, Greater Manchester

Bolton Museum, Bolton

Situated in the cultural hub of Bolton Library and Civic Centre, the Bolton Museum serves as an enriching destination that seamlessly combines art, history, and science.

The Setting

Part of what makes the Bolton Museum special is its location within the Bolton Library and Civic Centre. This setting allows visitors to engage in a holistic cultural experience, easily transitioning from literary exploration in the library to historical and artistic discovery in the museum.

Egyptology Section

One of the highlights of the museum is its outstanding Egyptology collection. This gallery transports you back in time to ancient Egypt, offering:

Intricately decorated mummies and their coffins provide a close-up look at Egyptian burial practices.

Through pottery and clothing, you’ll also be able to discover the items that made up the fabric of everyday Egyptian life.

The Wonders of the Natural World

The Natural History section offers an expansive array of animal specimens, fossils, and minerals. Features include an extensive collection of fish and marine invertebrates reveals the biodiversity of underwater ecosystems.

You can also unearth the history of the Earth through intriguing fossil specimens and geological displays.

Fine Art Galleries

Art aficionados will find solace in the museum’s fine art galleries, which showcase classic works from Renaissance to Romanticism. There are also modern works by up-and-coming artists.

Local Heritage

Delve into the unique heritage of Bolton through exhibits focusing on things like the industrial revolution in which Bolton played a crucial role in industrial advancements.

Museum Shop

Before departing, don’t miss the museum shop, filled with books, souvenirs, and artefacts that allow you to take a piece of the experience home.

Everyone’s Welcome

The Bolton Museum has been designed with accessibility in mind, featuring wheelchair-friendly pathways, elevators, and comprehensive signage to guide your visit.

A Hub of Culture and Learning

As a cultural cornerstone in Bolton, the museum offers an invaluable experience that spans art, history, and natural science. It’s not merely a place to pass time; it’s a venue for life-long learning and wonder.

Address – Le Mans Crescent, Bolton, BL1 1SE
Telephone – 01204 332211

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